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Vegans Thesis Statement

Can we live without consuming animal products? Are the vegans living an ecofriendly and sustainable lifestyle? Lots of questions on veganism can arise in our mind. As one of the students of college or university, you may get a chance of having a thorough study on this topic. Nowadays, different academic institutions ask the higher-class students to write the thesis about vegans. Everyone has to realize the fact that veganism is both challenging and rewarding. You can try to prove it through your thesis paper.

One of the most important steps of the college students or scholars is to write a thesis statement for vegans essay. Writing the statements about vegans is not easy. These statements have to reflect the major purpose for writing the thesis paper. You may present your thesis in a clear or implied way. However, it has to be understandable to all the readers. You should be able to make your thesis different by writing it in an interesting and unique way.

First step to work on your thesis writing assignment

The choice of topic is the first step for composing vegan's thesis paper. You will not be able to encompass all the things in the subject without choosing the topic for the thesis. For instance, you may write the thesis on the latest trends and on the common views on veganism. Make sure that you have good knowledge on the topic. While you do not know anything of it, you have to research on it thoroughly.

For any vegans thesis statement, there are two major parts-

Claim and supporting information

Claim- You have to present the main idea concept of your vegan thesis. By writing the claims rightly, you will be able to convince the readers. For instance, you can claim that it is better to be a vegan than to eat meat.

Supporting facts- All the readers may not agree to your claim. They can go against your views, and thus, you have to write down all the things that back up those views

You need to discuss the supporting points in the body or main part of your thesis. This also helps the readers to learn something new from you. They will start having belief on what you have written on the veganism.

We have now given you some common supporting facts that you can present to your readers.

First supporting fact- Veganism is a healthier choice

Most of the vegans have lower body weight and lower cholesterol than that of the regular meat eaters. The risk of diabetes and blood pressure issue is also very low among the vegans. By following the veganism, one can avoid cancer.

There is a high level of saturated fat content in poultry and red meat, and it can cause heart disorders. The processed meats or tinned meats may also increase the chance of bowel cancer. The chemicals, present in these meats, are not good for health. Thus, everyone may follow the plant-based diets to stay safe.

Second supporting fact- Veganism costs much less

There is a common myth among most of us that it is costlier to be a vegan than to be a non-vegan. However, this is wrong. Some studies have found the vegans are able to save good amount of money every year. The price of the plant-based meals is much lower than that of the meats and other similar foods. Meatless diets are cheaper to you. Thus, to stay healthy, one can eat protein-rich diet, by avoiding the high-priced meats. In this way, you can reveal the facts that make your claims stronger.

Third supporting fact- Veganism never harms animals

Vegans always keep away from all types of edible products, sourced from the animals. To back up your claim, you can write that everyone has to take steps against the cruelty to animals. Everyone has the responsibility of protecting the animal rights. That is why the rejection of animal products is essential. You can try to find more data on how the veganism is helpful in saving the world.

All the above facts have to relate the thesis statement on vegans. You must also write them on the body paragraphs of your thesis paper's body. The overall format of the paper has to be logical and systematic.

What to avoid for writing the best thesis paper?

Never make an announcement or force the readers to do anything

Although you are writing thesis statement on vegans, you should not say that everyone must adopt veganism in the lifestyle. Some college professors prefer first-person writing style in the vegans thesis statement. You must always follow the instruction of your professor.

Do not cause confusion to your readers

The statements about vegans have to be precise and clear and concentrate on the major thing.

Never present your thesis content as the fact

It prevents you from developing your ideas or proving anything. Your thesis statement about vegans is realistic and factual. That is why no additional clarification is essential.

Never present your thesis paper as a type of question

For instance, you have to avoid the questions, like- Do you think that meat consumption is an inhumane act? Thus, you can better say that eating meat-based products is a brutal act. Then, you can show the reasons behind it.

Different types of vegan thesis statement

Vegans thesis statement is of various types, and we have talked about each of them.


For this type of thesis, you have to present a debatable topic in the statement. Then, you can discuss on it while writing the body of your thesis content.

Here, you can make an argument that the vegans' diet is much better than other common diets, which comprise meats. You can talk about the reasons for avoiding the consumption of meat in our diet. For instance, the reason may be related to the religious issues, animal rights, personal health and a concern on environment. Heart disease is causing death to millions of people, and most of us can solve this problem by following vegetarian diet. You have to present your views in very few short sentences. This is one of the ways of writing the argumentative thesis statement about vegans.

Persuasive thesis statement

By choosing a controversial topic on the vegans, you can think of persuading the audience. You can convince the readers for enacting some change in their lifestyle. You can claim that veganism saves the helpless animals from injury and death. You can say lots of things to support this claim of veganism.

When we think of animal products, we envision the cows and pigs, grazing in open air. However, most of the farms do not have this atmosphere. Pigs stay in the concrete or metal cages. The over-crowded factory farms are also unacceptable. While we are consuming meat and dairy products or using leather, we are encouraging this type of despicable acts.

Thus, you may find out more information to write the thesis statement for vegans.

Compare and contrast thesis statement on vegans-

Several college students choose this compare and contrast thesis style in their assignment. They get a chance of compare two different things. Thus, you may also rely on this type to write your vegans thesis paper. You have to pick a topic that easily interests the readers.

To say about veganism, you may have heard two terms, vegetarians and vegans. Most of us think that there is no difference between them. The motivation and health benefits for the vegetarian and vegan diets are much similar. However, to develop the thesis about vegans, you have to identify the minor differences between two terms. While your thesis statement about vegans has introduced this topic, the readers will get interest in reading your content.

In terms of lifestyle and definition, the vegetarian and vegan diets have difference. Although the vegetarians don't consume meat, they eat yogurt, cheese, milk and eggs. Vegans avoid all types of animal products. Some of them also keep away from eating foods, prepared with yeast. Vegans are stricter and are always against the trend of killing animals.

Although the vegans and the vegetarians two different entities in the society, they have several common things in them. Your comparison of these entities will help you in help the readers in gaining more knowledge.

Cause and effect thesis statement about vegans

This is another way of presenting your thesis about vegans or veganism. The most interesting fact is that you have to concentrate on the causes or on the effects. However, you must avoid focusing on both these things. Draft your thesis statement, based on this rule. While you are dealing with cause, you have to use the phrases that signal links of different elements, present in the thesis content.

Nowadays, most of us eat meats in our diet. However, there is also increasing number of vegans in this world. Some religions also believe in the meat-free diet. We can see the prevalence of vegan diet since the ancient years.

The advocates of vegans acknowledge that the weakness in heart causes us to succumb to meat-based diet. Those, who have advocated a meat-based diet, think that this diet is must for a healthy and normal life. Although several people have started advocating the veganism, this issue is still debatable.

To write the thesis, you have to find out the causes behind adopting the trend of veganism. Do your research to find the useful information on it.

Evaluative thesis statements

You can choose the evaluative style to compose the thesis paper on the vegans. In this case, you have to judge or analyze an action to be positive or negative, immoral or moral and wrong or right. Thus, you may follow this style to write the thesis statement for vegans essay. Your judgment will give a view to the readers.

The purpose for writing the evaluative paper is to validate the overall aspects of a particular place, product or service. However, in the thesis about vegans, you have to evaluate everything about veganism. Find out the positive and negative aspects on veganism. You may also write all the positive facts on this veganism. Thus, in various ways, you will be able to present the thesis.

We talked about different styles and format of vegans thesis statement. Now, we like to give you some tips on writing the best thesis statement that pleases your college professor very easily.

  • A strong, relevant and effective statement directs the thesis paper. This also informs the readers of everything, discussed in your thesis content. Every sentence of your statement has to relate your thesis.
  • Proof is one of the major factors to write your thesis statement. A detailed evidence is highly essential to back up the thesis statement, and it will cause motivation and interest to the readers.
  • While you are writing thesis statement, you must have a control over all the ideas.

Where to place the statement?

In most cases, the instructors ask the students to write this statement after composing the introduction. Thus, it helps the readers to lead them into the major content of your thesis. It is better than having a direct access to the topic. While you have placed your statement part at the beginning, the readers will forget on the concept while they reading the ending line of the thesis introduction.

More tips for writing the thesis

  • Learn about the topic- Your vegans thesis paper topic has to be easy for you to write the content. You will be able to convey your personal views on it.
  • Limit your chosen topic- You have to focus on the particular aspect, related to veganism. This will limit the scope of writing the thesis paper.

Thus, choose any of the above formats or styles of thesis and write the statements that relate the content of your thesis paper.

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