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Sexual Harassment Thesis

Coming up with a persuasive thesis statement for sexual harassment essay is not an easy task. Aside having a good writing skill, you need to know how to craft a captivating and persuasive thesis statement and also have a good understanding of sexual harassment.

This essay serves as a guide to help you develop a persuasive thesis statement for a sexual harassment essay by explaining how to craft a persuasive thesis statement and also give you a background knowledge of sexual harassment. A well-written thesis statement proves to readers of your essay that it is worth reading. Usually, badly written thesis statement is a pointer to how badly written the whole essay is.

Persuasive Thesis Statement Definition

Thesis statement appears usually at the end or middle of the introductory section of an essay. It summarizes the claims or what the essay is all about. Generally, two (2) types of thesis statement exist - Expository and Persuasive. The expository thesis statement explains to readers what they will learn in the essay.

Persuasive thesis statement on the other hand, are thesis statement written with the aim of persuading the reader. They are also known as argumentative thesis statement and carries with them, claims that can be proposed or opposed to.

Generally, persuasive thesis statement provides readers with claims they can either agree to or disagree. A persuasive thesis statement is a statement, not a question nor a fact. When coming up with a persuasive thesis statement for sexual harassment, make sure you express an opinion - and be specific about it. Not being specific makes your thesis lack focus and become a weak one.

Why do I need a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement must be included in your thesis. Below are the reasons why you need to write a thesis statement.

  • Thesis statement scope the essay, saving you from losing focus and deviating. Deviating from your thesis statement is a sign of being deceptive or having dubious intentions or not even understanding the thesis statement.
  • It makes it clear to a reader what your essay is all about and whether it is worth reading or not.

Tips on Writing a Persuasive Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is usually written in one or two sentences. You do not start writing a persuasive thesis statement on sexual harassment by launching the Microsoft Word Software on your system and then begin thinking and typing - you will be setting yourself up for failure if you do this. Just like any form of academic writing, you start by doing research on sexual harassment. This could be from books, videos or audio tapes in the library, thesis and work of other researchers or even ask people knowledgeable about the subject matter.

After getting relevant knowledge, facts and figures, you need to read about the opposing views. It had already been stated that persuasive thesis statement comes with claims and as such, can be refuted. It is now your duty to learn how to see things from the refuter's perspective and come up with a way to tackle him/her even before it happens.

You might think sexual harassment is a vice that everyone will oppose. Trust, when your paper is published, you will be marveled. An example of this is this - you are writing an essay about men raping their wives and proposing punishment. If you live in the United States, UK or other developed part of the word that sees it as a crime, it will be appealing to a large chunk of your readers. However, when you try same in most African countries where women are seen as complete possession of their husbands, your essay would not even be taken serious. So, do your research well and think of the opposite sides too.

Below are some tips to help you write a good persuasive thesis statement for a sexual harassment essay.

  1. Sources should be trustworthy: The bases of a strong thesis lie on the sources used in the work. Make sure you do your research using trusted sources so that your research will be built on trust.
  2. Be specific and straight to the point: You only have a sentence or two to state your thesis statement. Go straight to the point and make it specific, avoid generic arguments like plague.
  3. Be mindful of the words used: Mind your language when crafting a persuasive thesis statement. Avoid getting too technical as many of your readers might not have vast knowledge about sexual harassment. Also important is to avoid using vulgar words in your thesis statement to avoid been sensed as rude and uncultured.
  4. The thesis statement should come early: Make sure the thesis about sexual harassment appears in the beginning part of your essay, usually at the end of the introductory paragraph or the one that follows.
  5. Double check your data: In cases where you are citing data or using a particular data as basis for your argument, make sure the data is correct and gotten from a reliable source. Your argument can be faulted if the data used as it basis is wrong or even forged.
  6. Learn to acknowledge sources: Plagiarism is heavily frowned at in the academic circle. When you use other people's works, learn to acknowledge them. However, you might not get the opportunity to do that in the thesis statement, you have the reference section to do that.

While you have the above as things in mind to help you write a good persuasive thesis statement, avoid the things discussed below.

  • Too broad thesis statement: Laser-focus is the key here. When the scope is too broad, your statement is seen as lacking focus.
  • Not debatable: When your persuasive thesis statement is not debatable, it is dead on arrival - the basis of a persuasive thesis statement is argument.
  • Does not match the essay: You mustn't write a thesis statement that does not conform to the essay. If you do that, your thesis statement will be seen as deceptive.

Sexual Harassment - an Overview

If you want to write a persuasive Sexual harassment thesis, you need to have an in-depth knowledge about sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is an unwelcome sexual advance toward someone or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors. This can be through verbal means like unwanted sexual remarks or physical conduct of a sexual nature. The effects of sexual harassment include depression, dead/suicide, self-harm, substance abuse, pregnancy, etc.

The most common forms of sexual harassment are gender harassment, sexual coercion and unwanted sexual attention. The most common places sexual harassment takes place includes places of work, public transport, religious gathering and homes.

The sexual harassment rate is very high. According to The Economist, one out of every five women and one out of every ten men have experienced some forms of unwanted sexual attention. This is however not widely known as it is highly under reported. Rennison, C. M. (2002) stated that 63 percent of rape cases were never reported. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) stated that only about 30 percent sexual coercion was reported. The study went further to state that only 8 percent of unwanted touches were reported.

Looking at all these statistics, one does not need anyone to tell him/her that sexual harassment is one of the social vices happening right under our nose without even knowing it is happening.

Interesting Facts about Sexual Harassment

  1. Awareness is low: A large number of people do not know what qualifies as sexual harassment and what does not. According to a study by EEOC, 25 percent of the respondents agreed to been sexual harassed. This number however increased to 60 percent when specific examples of sexual harassment where given.
  2. Acquaintances are harassers too: Sexual harassment can also be from someone you know. In fact, about 75 percent of sexual harassment in work places are carried out by colleagues. Take note of this point and know who you allow to play with your kids as they are also not left out.
  3. All women are targets: According to a small study carried out in California Bay Area, all women are targets of sexual harassment with 19 percent stating it happens on a regular basis.
  4. Education is not a barrier: According to a study carried out by Cosmopolitan Survey, 45 percent of the sexually harassed females hold a Bachelor's degree, 19 percent holds graduate's degree and 29 percent have some forms of college education.
  5. Food and Hospitality Industry is the most hit: the food and hospitality industry reports the highest rate of sexual harassment with the number pegged at 42 percent.

Causes of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment occurs because of some things. While there are no sane reasons for one to indulge in the act of sexual harassment, some factors had been pinpointed as the reasons people sexually harass other.

  • Culture: In many cultures, women have been objectified as sexual objects. Men with this mentality sees women as nothing but sexual objects which can be used to quench their sexual urge. The women in some of these places have also accepted it, making sexual harassment a norm.
  • Provocative Dressing: A lot of women are sexually harassed and abused as a result of the way they dress. Many men see women that dress provocatively as women in need of sexual partners and as such, wouldn't hesitate to make such proposals.
  • Improper Punishment: This remains one of the key reasons people still sexually harass others. Some forms of sexual harassment are not even seen as punishable offenses in some places, thereby leaving offenders unpunished.
  • Mindset: This may look weird at first but it is true. Some people don't see anything bad in sexually abusing others. When confronted, they even challenge those confronting them because they see it as a normal thing.
  • Lack of Awareness: a lot of people do not even know they are sexually harassing others or they are being sexually harassed. The level awareness regarding where to go to get help when harassed is also low, thereby keeping offenders in the society to continue perpetuating their acts.
  • Leaving Children Under the Care of Others: A lot of women and men were first sexually abused by relatives, house help or neighbors when they were much younger. Unknown to many parents, many people playing with children have bad intentions of sexually harassing the child if the opportunity present itself.

Preventing Sexual Harassment

Though the rate of sexual harassment is high in the society, it is something that can be controlled and managed. Discussed below are the list of things to do to prevent sexual harassment in the society.

  1. Harassers should be punished: When people go unpunished for committing a crime, they are more likely to repeat same crime. However, punishing them not only keep them away from the crime, it also keeps others having same intentions in mind.
  2. Awareness campaign: There should be awareness campaign in the society, educating people on what sexual harassment is, how to prevent it and how to report it in case it happens. Not reporting it is one of the major cause of it in the society so when people know they can report the incident and get justice, sexual harassment will reduce.
  3. Mindset Change: People should change their thinking regarding sexualizing female. They should be recognized as humans and given opportunities to participate regardless of their gender.
  4. People Should Mind Their Dressing: When women stop dressing provocatively, it will go a long way of reducing the rate of sexual harassment.


Even though crafting a persuasive thesis statement for a sexual harassment essay is not an easy task, with the right steps taken, writing one becomes easy. You only need to do your research well on sexual harassment and the specific topic you are interested in, come up with a persuasive thesis statement that is laser-focus to your studies and make sure it is a claim that can be refuted or agreed to. A good persuasive thesis statement is an overview of your essay, make it count so people will have a good first impression.

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