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Research Paper Introduction

What is a research paper? This is a long essay that brings out your own interpretation, situation analysis or argument. Writing your own research paper simply means that you put to paper everything you know and have been thinking about and would love to share the experience with your audience. It's a dual process that involves building on what you know while at the same time collecting data from previous works of experts in that field. Not forgetting the modern-day scholars who are up to date with the relevant information, you might just need for your research paper.

A writer goes ahead and to survey specific disciplines and explores it thoroughly to find strong shreds of evidence he/she can use for their paper. Going for the best possible information is always recommended while at the same time looking out for non-credible sources. The information sources, be it secondary or primary, can be quite exhaustive but then again going for the core points should be your primary goal.

Conducting research can also help boost your academic skills in various fronts like; formulating research questions, time management, arranging your research details in chronological order and even substantiating arguments.

What Does a Research Paper Introduction Entail?

We've had a brief overview of what research papers are generally about; now let's focus on the research paper introduction which is our main issue today. Professional writers make good use of introductions for it is where most readers and instructors pay so much attention to. The goal is to create a positive hello effect just so to steal the reader's attention and bring them all in.

Most times when we come across articles and various writings, the big question we ask ourselves is "Is this worth time?" This can be well answered by how writers introduce their texts. You find it catchy, you'll have no choice but just to keep on reading to find out what the writer has in store for you. The first impression you make when you get to a job interview contributes a lot on how the interviewers will approach you. You come to the interview dressed sharp, that's a definite serious person, and they'll take you seriously and vice versa. Transforming this to your research paper introduction can give you a clear picture of precisely what we're talking about.

What is the rationale for your work? Ask yourself as a writer what is the basis of your reasoning and how can you best bring your audience to the same page. Imagine you are reading someone's research paper introduction, it is expected that by the end of the introduction you should be able to tell the basis of the writer's reasoning - which rationale has the writer deployed?

In addition, the reader's expectations should already be clear. Your audience is transitioning to the next section of the research paper, which is the body text, in the woke state. A whole research paper can be quite long and what the reader requires is the will and motivation to keep on reading. We bet, you wouldn't read a boring paper for long, would you? You already know some of the catchy phrases to use; apply them and win your audience's attention throughout the whole paper. When reading a research paper introduction, if your professor ends up in a position of being anxious to find out what`s next, you`ll have hooked him/her. Making an appeal to suspense can be a great trick to use here.

You can as well state your hypothesis in this section and even go ahead and give us a hint of what we should expect to be the conclusion of your research paper. Go ahead and browse for example of introduction in research paper to grasp the concept.

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Make a Topic Selection

This part can be quite challenging at times if not taken seriously. Your choice of topic significantly affects the basis of your research. Come up with a possible list of topics you'd like to tackle. Of course, bearing in mind that the topics you select must have adequate information sources to support them. Ask for help either professional or maybe from your peers or family in narrowing down and remaining with only one topic.

Typically in situations where the instructor doesn't provide you with a topic, students find themselves hopping from a topic to another until they finally settle on one they find comfortable. For instance, you start your writing then along the way you realize the topic you choose is maybe demanding and that you've realized other better options you can excel in. This is normal and is part of the process, let it not distract you but instead gear you towards your full research potential.

However, it is advisable you go for the topics you mostly have an idea of just so to save you from wasting time trying to understand what the topic is about. The time you'd have used in doing more research and sharpening your work.

Hook Sentences

These function as a magnet to attract the reader's attention. Here are introduction of research paper example statements that could give you a clue;

Contradicting statement

"It was the best of times. It was the worst of times."

Bold statement

"In a few years, you'll be able to save your dreams on a cloud."

Famous saying

"If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck."

These are but a few examples one can include in their research paper introduction paragraph and grab their reader's attention.

Come Up with a Thesis Statement

What contributes to a solid thesis statement and what are the key components?

It usually forms part of the research paper introduction. It can be a long the first couple of paragraphs to introduce the rest of the text which generally function as defenders of your thesis. They are certain key characteristics that your thesis statement should deploy for it to come out effective enough. For instance, a good thesis statement shouldn't be too objective. Research papers require you to come up with thesis statements that are most times controversial just so to prompt arguments and debates.

Example; we're all aware that ice creams are yummy

A noncontroversial thesis statement would be "Ice creams are yummy and sweet."

This statement is not only a general truth but also doesn't give room for people to take sides and debate on. To turn it into a controversial statement you'd say;

"The sweetness in ice cream comes from the vanilla flavor and preparation technique."

For some ice cream can be sweet without a vanilla flavor, others the sweetness comes from it being cold while others might argue that it's the preservatives that make it sweet. All in all, the statement gives people a chance to take sides and argue out their reasons.

Also, the thesis statement should be precise and not too large. Try to narrow down to specific areas rather than a general statement that will raise several issues that you can't tackle in a single research paper.

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To bring the point home, let's take a look at the research paper introduction paragraph sample with thesis statements.

  • Euthanasia

"Mercy killing should be made legal, and medical practitioners should be well informed on palliative care to give the patients the best final days care."

  • Women empowerment

"Quite a number of female authors have addressed the issue of women in the workforce, they, however, fail to recognize the low-class women but rather just emphasize the privileged woman."

  • Afro-Optimism

"The Pan-African movement played a great role to Africa's independence; the focus was mainly on the emancipation of the black skin from the white man's colonization while forgetting countries like Egypt and Morocco that despite having Asian taint, they're also part of the African continent."

These examples can help guide you towards understanding what thesis examples are mainly about. Check out more research paper introduction example thesis statements and do more practice to be a good thesis statement writer.

Use Transition Words

At the end of the introduction try using transition words. This is because transition words help to link the introduction to the next section of the research paper. Knowing how to link sections of a research paper is a good set of skill that every research paper writer should possess. The internet can always provide an excellent platform for you to browse some of the examples of effective transition sentences one could use to apply to their research paper. Also, don't get lost in them and end up overusing them, you might as well bore the readers with excesses.


It's usually advisable that once you've finished drafting your research paper introduction, you check in with your work see if you have a strong hypothesis, your rationale is pronounced and that your thesis can make a good debate with adequate defense from your research. Always seek a second opinion before going ahead to tackle the rest of the text.

Have you benefited from the article above? If so, how has it been of help?

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