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Profile Essay Example

This essay requires you to paint a mental picture of the subject for the readers. It is a detailed illustration of the subject. A profile essay example for college can be about diverse subjects, for example, an individual, an organization, a system or a location.

When writing about individuals, students should consider people with a fascinating profession or heritage. For locations, you can use businesses, local restaurants, and buildings that are used as landmarks.

Before writing your profile essay, you should read extensively and gather facts about your chosen subject. The following tips will guide you on your writing journey.


Having extensive knowledge about profile essays will make it easy for you to write. A personal profile essay example can be acquired via the internet, journals, and magazines. The purpose of reading broadly is to equip you with knowledge and skills by noting how the subject is introduced, the format, and the approach used.

Using updated and recent resources will keep you up to date with the subject. Check for dates of publication, enquire, and ask for new versions of books or magazines. This helps to avoid using obsolete information.

Pick Your Preferred Subject

Writing a profile essay can be tricky but having the liberty to choose your subject makes it easy. Students should pick a subject whose information is easy to get. A profile essay example for college can be acquired from a public library and updated online sources. Ensure that these sources have the correct information.

The subject choice is limitless from sportsmen, artists, venues, and locations. The subject no matter how infamous should be respected and treated with dignity. Sometimes, you might schedule an interview. The following points will direct you on the choice of questions to ask:

  1. Make a research about the subject

  2. Ask flexible questions

  3. Ask significant questions

  4. Keep an open mind

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The Format of a Writing a Profile Essay

All essays follow the same order, and a profile essay is no exception. They include:

  • An introduction

  • The body

  • Conclusion


The introduction is a blueprint of your whole essay. It sets the standard and direction of your work. Writing a good introduction captivates and keeps your readers preoccupied on your essay. A good way to make your profile essay stand out is by starting with a quote or a verifiable truth. Keep the introduction short and straightforward.

The introduction simply involves:

  1. Beginning with eye-catching sentences that are true and irrefutable.

  2. Make your point short and precise. The point should be connected to the title.

  3. Explain the topic in general terms.

  4. End your introduction using your essay statement

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The Body

The body explains in details the points mentioned in the introduction. Every point has to be explained in its own paragraph. The main point should be used as the first line of a paragraph. The paragraphs should be connected they should show a flow of ideas. In a profile essay example of your favorite sport after the introduction, the body should elaborate on the points mentioned. Each point should take a paragraph, for example, the point on how the sport is played should take an entire paragraph and should not be mixed with other points.

The following points will help you to write a comprehensive essay:

  1. Choose a straightforward sentence as your topic

  2. Gather all the evidence to support your essay by reading the updated example of a profile essay.

  3. There should be a transition between paragraphs. These show the end of an idea while introducing a different idea for the next paragraph. It makes your essay easy to read and understand.

  4. End a paragraph with a sentence that takes the reader back to the main point.

The Conclusion

Writing a conclusion is all about summarizing your essay using simple captivating words. The conclusion tells you why the essay and the subject are significant. Remember not to introduce any new points at this position. At the terminal of your essay, make the reader feel like he came into contact with your subject.

After writing your profile essay, proofread, and correct all grammatical errors. A good example of a profile essay has the correct punctuations and spellings. Use a language that is easy to understand and remember to use the right format.

An example of a personality profile essay about a serial killer should introduce the subject to the reader. The body should explain such points as, what influenced the subject to be a serial killer while the conclusion puts all the points in a few sensible words. Conclusions can be used to challenge a reader this helps him apply it in his daily life. It should simply emphasize the reasons that made you the essay in the first place. The conclusion makes the entire essay complete and harmonious. A good example of a profile essay leaves the readers with a memorable impression.

It is about relaying the points you made in the end, showing how their connection is just not a random coincidence.

Here are some things to avoid when concluding your profile essay

  • Avoid using words such as ‘in conclusion' because if your profile essay ideas flow correctly, the readers will know that they are reading the last part.

  • When in doubt do not apologize to the reader.

  • Avoid writing a hanging conclusion

  • Do not bring new ideas at this point

Example of a Profile Essay

The example of a profile essay below will show you how to structure your work

My Favorite Sport

The game of tennis has been around since the 12th century. It was initially played by monks. Later it was adopted by the Royals and played indoors. These modifications led to modern day tennis which is played between two players or two teams of two players.

Tennis is my favorite game because you do not need a lot of equipment to play. A tennis ball and a racket, a tennis court and an opponent. It can be played indoors and outdoors. The tennis court is made big enough to accommodate four players. A net divides the court into two equal parts. The lines that run across the court have different indications. They guide the players to know their boundaries. The line at the center of each player line is the point where the players deliver a serve. However, a player stands between this line and the net. The line that divides this line is the service lines. A player is required to hit the ball on these lines when serving.

In the case of single players, they stand on opposite sides of the net. One player serves the ball while the other one receives it; however, the players take turns serving and receiving between games. The player who scores at least four points and have two points more than the other automatically wins. If the players reach a tie, they have to continue until their points have a difference of two. A game ends with an odd number of games including the tiebreaker.

Tennis can be played for leisure with friends. It keeps stress at bay while keeping fit. It is an activity for people of all ages. You can play with your children and spouse. It is a great recreation activity that helps you to meet new people especially if you play in clubs, for example, country clubs.

Although tennis was invented during the traditional period, it has been improved to suit modern times. The improvement of tennis racket from a wooden one to one that is light on the hands to tennis balls that are easy to serve. Tennis is a fairly easy game to play and has few rules. It is also a great way to exercise and strengthen your family or friendship bonds. You can also pass time training others.

Before writing a Profile Essay, You Need to Ask Yourself a Few Questions

  1. Do I know what a profile essay is?

  2. What is the right sequence to follow when writing?

  3. Who or what can be used as a subject?

  4. Do I have a subject that will be captivating to the readers?

  5. If you are conducting an interview: is my subject available?

  6. Do I have reasonable questions?


Profile essays are not limited to people like athletes, musicians, politicians, and artists. They can be about people who are not famous for example a grocery store owner or your family. You should present your subject to the reader in a way that draws his interest especially if your subject is not well known. Remember to connect your essay ideas in a way that makes sense. In the body give the correct details. Writing an example of a profile essay becomes simple when you put your work in a coherent manner. How you start the introduction and how you approach the body of the essay will ensure that you have a great conclusion, making your writing outstanding.

Going through an example of personality profile essay just like the one given here will help you grasp the dos and don'ts of writing these essays.

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