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Problem Solution Essay

For this type of writing, the start is by:

  • Defining the problem in an unambiguous manner
  • Identifying a solution to the problem that has been cited in other words, we can make suggestions about the solution that can be applied to solve the problem
  • Looking for ways to defend the problem solution
  • Letting the readers know that the best out of all the solutions is the one that we have settled on

A Conflict Resolution Essay Topic

Putting pen to paper is the formal start of any activity that is called writing. What matters is not just an act of scribbling something, especially when you don't know what it is that you are scribbling. In other words, writing without any direction would mean nothing, and that is why a topic is the best foundation you can think of as a writer. Every good problem solution essay must, first of all, be hinged on a strong topic before the writer can think of the complete article or even the start itself. So then, how do we get the topics for our article? A problem that we are aiming at solving can come from a variety of sources, including our lives. Most notably, the problems can come from:

  • Peers
  • Our work
  • The people we share the offices with
  • Camping club
  • Counseling team
  • WhatsApp group
  • Facebook group
  • Choir group
  • Evening meeting group
  • University
  • Study group
  • International group
  • Local group
  • Firefighting team
  • The cooking club
  • Cultural group
  • Our race
  • Our family

It is almost difficult to run out of topics or problems as long as humans interacting with others. In case you are still experiencing some challenges with regards to getting the right topic for a problem and solution essay, consider looking for your appropriate topic on this site. Also, it is important to pen down all the ideas and topics that you gather as you write.

Problem solution essay writing can comfortably commence after we have identified the topic. We need a settlement on the ideal problem to write about among the many that we have identified from our areas of life. We need a solution to the problem.

Find a Solution for the Conflict Resolution Essay

We will have to think about a solution that can best offset the issues that are of concern to the conflict essays. In doing so, the following guides should be helpful:

  • We need to think of how implementable the solution is for the issue we have
  • We need to think if indeed the ideas that we have as measures that will offset the problem are economically making sense
  • We need to think in terms of the feasibility of the solution we are suggesting and see if it will solve the issue
  • We need to think of how reasonable the solution to our conflict essay is.

Ways of Problem Solution

Solution Statement within the Conflict Resolution Essay

In the paper, discussions about the solutions offered to deal with the problems identified should be the central point that goes even into the thesis statement. While discussing the solutions, it is important to stimulate the readers by telling them more. Additionally:

  • The writer should elucidate that laws will be made,
  • They will be enforced,
  • They will benefit the membership of the group in terms of education; they will be having rotational leadership, and so on. This is how we categorically state that we have a working solution.

The Dynamics of the Solutions within the Essay on Conflict Resolution

Here we explain how the solutions we have created in the above paragraph will work.

  • We have to state that we will reunite the group and make them work towards the goal of the team.
  • We will carry out advertisements necessary to advance an appeal so that the members can be proactive enough.
  • The writer should also explain that a framework that will see the full implementation of the laws created will be put in place as soon as possible.
  • Also, enough information and material will be provided to help with the implementation of the measures identified as solutions to the issues of concern
  • That the attitudes and feelings with regards to the situation will significantly be altered through timely provision of the information needed
  • That the resources that are not available will be bought and money will be availed for that purpose
  • That some initiatives that were tried and worked in other places will apply in the case of the problem established.

Assumptions Can Be Made About What Causes the Problem While Writing an Essay on Conflict Resolution as Follows:

  • That the issues affecting the group are emerging from the member's failure to agree
  • That it is not all the members who are responsible for the problems within the team but some or there are other reasons for the issues experienced by the team
  • The choice by some members not to do their duties as they are supposed to be the cause of the problems for the team
  • The existing rules are not attainable
  • Someone is not aware of what he or she is supposed to do
  • Somehow, things are done not in the manner they are supposed to
  • There is no one to steer the project effectively
  • People have a negative attitude
  • There are no facilities and things that people need to dispense their duties effectively
  • The existing solutions cannot resolve the issues at hand.

Citing Examples That Have Worked In The Past Is Good For The Problem And Solution Essay, And They Should Be Argued Out As Follows:

  • Two people signed an agreement that ended the hostility between them
  • Less resourceful workers got fired, and the situation changed significantly for the better
  • Alcoholic derivers got a scary message out of an advertisement that has since changed their lives positively
  • Anti-alcohol laws revised to help the drivers and harsh penalties introduced
  • Police officers arrest those who drink and drive
  • Stop drunk driving campaign has been introduced
  • An alteration has been made by the company to ensure that drivers do not work at
  • night
  • The boss of the company that manufactured dangerous alcohol got fired
  • Better roads have been constructed to help the motorists
  • More money has been pumped into the campaigns against drunk driving
  • Heavy taxation has been placed on alcoholic drinks to reduce its consumption.

How to Write a Problem and Solution Essay

We need to organize the article at various levels to contain the information that is necessary for the audience besides bearing clearly defined problems and solutions. Given that a problem and solution essay is essential as a useful tool, not even a single goal that ensures that the purpose is achieved should be ignored. The following are some of the aims of a good problem solution essay towards the readers:

  1. A writer of a problem solution essay must strive to state the problem for easy understanding to the readers
  2. The writer is convinced that the issue to be addressed in the conflict essay is essential to his readers. He must, therefore, tell it so clearly that the reader will without any doubt, understand.
  3. Explain to the readers in an exact term the solution you are proposing for the problem you have highlighted
  4. Ask yourself if the answer is economically sensible and if so then let the readers also understand that
  5. Is my proposed solution the best if I compare it to the ones that have been tried before? If yes, then let the readers know that too.

Writing the Introduction for Problem and Solution Essay

An introduction serves the writer with an opportunity to explain some concepts, problems, and the solutions he or she has arrived at the target audience. For problem solution essay, has an introduction that has a thesis statement appearing as the last sentence. The thesis additionally serves to highlight a claim by the writer and can be a substitute for the problem. In other words, we can state the problem in the introduction through a thesis. A conflict resolution essay should endeavor to attract the interest of the reader by using some catchy words or sentences. In principle, the introduction should play an essential role in:

  • Offering information with regards to the problem and the solution for the issue
  • Providing clear examples for the reader to understand the matter that needs to be addressed
  • Enable the reader to know that the problem has a bearing on their lives and for that reason, and it needs to be solved in the best manner possible.

An Introduction: Some Great Tips

  • Within the introduction to a problem solution essay, we need to explain the issue clearly to the readers.
  • The introduction must also tell the readers why the problem has to be solved through stories. So that the attention of the reader to the article can be gained
  • Must have statistics to show proof of the fact that the solution suggested has worked in the past and can do it now
  • Insist on the importance of using the solution to solve the problem
  • Offer the context of the situation in addition to the treason why an intervention is needed
  • Update on the development of the problem to let the readers know about the steps it has undergone
  • Must contain imaginary facts and details for the solution offered.

Body of a Conflict Resolution Essay

  • Have the solution well-substantiated
  • Provide the issue
  • Provide details
  • The people in charge of implementing the solution
  • Proof to the effect that the prosed solution has worked before.

A Conclusion for an Essay on Conflict Resolution

  • Explain Expected results
  • A change with the implementation of the solution
  • A reminder of the need
  • Practical examples are to be provided
  • Facts and figures should be given.

Writing Tips

  • Start and end with a positive tone for the conflict resolution essay
  • Consider the use of a positive point of view that takes into account the use of 'WE'
  • Do audience analysis.

Convincing the Audience for a Conflict Essay

  • Determine the right audience
  • Decide on what to tell them in the paper
  • Determine their attitudes towards the topic
  • Establish common ground for you and the audience
  • Specify the values that must be addressed.

What the Problem Solution Essays Entails in its Plan

There is a slight variation between a conflict essay and argument papers but the most critical thing about the latter vis a vis the former is that it greatly influences the problem. When we argue against a certain position, we take a stand and defend it by trying to convince the reader that it is indeed the correct way to look at a problem. On the other side, when we offer solutions to a problem that we have established as warranting some redress, we also persuade readers to agree with our solution as the best. So we can say that both types of writing more or less bear similar goals. The problem-solution essay strives to assess the following:

  • Issues that are of concern to the group and warrants some attention
  • Remedies that will improve the situation and change things for the better
  • It presents the writer's understanding of the issue and the faith he or she has over the success of the suggested remedy
  • How the solution proposed is workable and reasonable
  • The appropriateness of the recommended solution to the issues that have been identified.

The cost implication of the answer that we are putting on the table for consideration should be considerate. In our case, the solution has to be financially viable.

We are engaged in stating why we believe that the measures we have put in place or suggested for consideration are better than the others.


We need to pay keen attention to the instructions given in regard to the formulation of a problem-solving system. No matter where we come from or the people we associate with, problems are bound to happen, and that is the reason why it is necessary to formulate a problem solution essay. All the examples and are provided to help you start the process.

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