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Personal Narrative Essay

Writing a Personal Statement: The Simplest Essay Form

Most students hate writing essays. This is not new information. Infact, several of the students who have had to write essays find it much easier and more pleasant to have professional sites write the essays for them. This is the typical approach most students take when asked to put together essays. Most of the time, the essay assignments given to students require that they take time off to research on the work that is given to them. They are also asked to come up with several citations in their work to buffer their writing. This, students dislike with a passion. Writing essays can be likened to an art form. The more you write, the better you get at it, especially when you have to present these essays to be marked. It is a normal occurrence for students to have several of these essays during their teaching and learning experience, but it would be too soon to imagine that these essays given to the students give them the requisite tools to develop their essay writing skills. The end result is, of course, students who go trough the motion, writing essays but never quite mastering the art form, leading to them hating the experience altogether. There are different kinds of essays, some easier than others, based on the amount of work that goes inside in order for them to produce excellent essays. Some essays require a lot of research, like expository essays, and some, simply require that the write be creative and engaging, like descriptive essays. It is a no brained choosing which essay type is easy for students. There are four main types of essays:
  1. Narrative essays
  2. Expository essays
  3. Descriptive essays
  4. Persuasive essays
These man types of essays are so named because of what the aim of the essays are. Based on that, the necessary requirements to write are different, resulting in students having to familiarize themselves with it in order to come up with excellent essays which fulfill the aim for which the essay was written. Within these four types, there are numerous other essays which have several objectives. However, once the main aim of the essay is established, it would be found that it plays a role whether to narrate, describe an event, teach or bring forth an exposition on a certain topic or persuade a reader. This is why the four main types remain as they are. For those who may ask ‘What is a narrative essay?' This article goes in to explain what it is and further explains what you need in order to write a good one. It could be said that narrative essays are the essays that students enjoy writing the most. Infact, students have no problems whatsoever writing these essays because a lot of the writing falls on the student's ability to keep the reader engaged. It is like writing a story with a point, an idea or a lesson attached to it. Most of the essays students have had to write before could be called narrative essays. This is because all the students are asked to do is talk about an event, a person, a discussion or even write a story. The aim of the writer is to keep the reader interested in what has been written. For most, this is not much of a problem. There is almost no need for a student to do extensive research before writing an essay like this. This then easily becomes the kind of essay that students would rather write in their entire school life. There are different kinds of narrative essays, however, based on the subject of the essay. They could be autobiographical narrative essays or personal narrative essays, narrative essays on an interview, a narrative essays reporting an event or simply a fictional story, which by merits can be put under the broad umbrella of ‘narrative Essays'.

Personal Narrative Essays: What Are They?

A personal narrative essay can be described as a story which has a plot. This plot should constitute the beginning of the story, the middle of the story, and the end of the story. The personal essay should also come with a statement which explains why that particular essay is of importance to the writer, and how it is going to benefit the reader. Writing personal narrative essays give the writer a lot more creative freedom than several of the other types of essays. All that needs to be introduced in the writing are characters, an introduction, a description, a setting, a plot, a climax and an ending, as well as a moral or lesson at the end of it. The introduction of a main thesis statement is what makes a narrative essay different from what could be called a narrative, this distinguishing it from a normal story. It should be known that narrative essays or otherwise known as personal statements are the go to that most teachers or admissions boards use to decipher what kinds of students they are working with. Most universities ask students fir narrative essays to be able to gauge who the student is, his ideologies, his world view and how he sees life. This is why when writing a personal statement or narrative essay to attend a college or university, or a law school, or even a medical school, you need to be authentic about what you are talking about. The extent of your creativity is definitely dependent on the audience of your essay. Especially with personal essays. It would be in your best interest to find out certain things first before going all freeverse with your essay. Your first job is to impress the readers, then keep them engaged. This means that, when writing a personal narrative essay, you always need to keep the reader in mind, because they are the people you need to impress.

How to Write A Personal Narrative Essay: Choosing your Story

When you are going to write a personal narrative essay, there are a few things you should keep in mind.
  1. The length of the essay you have been asked to write
  2. The topic of the essay
  3. The aim of the essay
It is advised that you choose your topic and plan your essay around these three points, especially the length of the essay. The length of the essay determines what you can and cannot say in the essay, and how much you can say in the essay itself. Since writing a narrative essay seems rather simple and easy, students tend to keep writing forgetting the length of the essay they have been given, finding out later that they probably need to quickly finish off their writing, resulting in an essay which begins like a woven tapestry, but ends like some strands of thread. This is where planning comes to play. When given the essay, your first move should be to plan the essay. Planning the essay requires thought and precision, putting into consideration the essay length and what you have at your disposal. Always choose a shorter essay which hits home over a longer essay which simply seems to be winding, yet results in no point, easily losing the interest of the reader. Here are a few points to consider when you write your personal narrative essay.
  1. Think about events that have taken place in your life
Based on the topic of the essay, you might want to begin your planning process with a good old brainstorming session. You could think of events in your life that can be related to the topic, and serve them based on their complexities and the length of the essay you are required to write. It could be a simple event, one that is not difficult to narrate. When choosing events in your life, you could pick events that played an important role in shaping your world view and your outlook in life.
  1. Choose your events based on which ones have a chronological pattern
When writing personal narrative essays, you should let your readers find it easy to follow your pattern of story telling. Having a pattern of events leading to the climax and then the end of the story is very important. Choose the events in your life that you want to write about having this in consideration. Ask yourself how you can talk about this event in a way that requires each point of the story going on to the next. If you choose your event based on this, your reader's can easily follow the progression of events resulting in a very good story written.
    1. Choose your essay based on the moral of the story.
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