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Numbered Lists In An Essay

Academic writing is broad, but one for sure is once you master the basics of academic writing that you stand a better chance of approaching your assignments with confidence and ease of success. Our team has gone an extra mile to come up with some quick hacks and tricks to deploy in your numbered lists in an essay to ensure you get the top grades. We're here for you, just read on and be keen and what we're about to tell you. For those who have some rough idea on the same, this is a grand chance for you to explore more information on ways to list things in an essay. Our goal is to make you an outstanding technical writer.

Lists are generally considered an essential tool of article writing for the sole purpose of emphasis on the critical information in texts. It takes lots of time to dig out the crucial information in a paragraph, and it also calls for lots of keenness and paying attention to detail. And this is where numbered lists in an essay come in handy as they make things easier for you by listing the items of emphasis making them appear distinct though out the entire text and easy to lay your eyes on. Picture this, a version with several paragraphs and then the writer opts to bring in units of 4 or 5. Chances are you wouldn't fail to notice such, of which to sum it all up, you stand a better chance of remembering items in the list than information in the extended essay paragraphs. Science has it that the brain is structurally designed to avoid stress, and long articles are stressful, which is a much broader sense means that it will opt for the numbered lists instead.

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Some units standing out in a piece are easy to remember and comprehend than a whole text of too much information that calls for maximal brain activity. The end game as a writer, your goal is to keep your readers, and this is among the best ways to achieve this. Across the board, you'd agree with us that not all lists are friendlier to the eyes but particular ones, and which ones are these. An excellent example of an easy to read list is that with a stepwise approach, for instance, one with setting out instructions whereby there is a sequence to follow, and each step is numbered and separated from the other steps to bring out the distinction.

And just like the case of headings, lists are generally a good aspect of notable writing and are most times attractive to your readers. Your goal as a writer is for your audience to appreciate the content you're putting across. And this can only be achieved if your readers enjoy your piece and remember the material. Numbered lists in an essay are here to do that for you. They go ahead to assist in sequencing information through the arrangement of informational units in a chronological manner, be it actions or events and most importantly, break up the tire of long paragraphs.

Moving forward, here are some essential approaches on how to list things in an essay that should assist you in tailoring your content and structuring it to meet the demands of not only your readers but the principles of academic writing in general.

Be on the watch for space and punctuation in your illustrations and discussions. This is peak academic writing, and you ought to be familiar with some of the guiding principles which are taken lightly by many but hold so much water. One thing that as a writer, you always need to remember is that presentation is essential, and you shouldn't settle for less. Okay, yes you have the units and content to be listed, but then how do you go about the process. This is where aspects of grammar come in. These are features like the line spacing – must be of equal margins for uniformity, and indentation. There are also cap options and illustrations.

Begin with a lead-in to welcome your units and include the reason for the following list. You don't just switch from the heading and into the groups. A good practice is to use lead-in sentences to welcome the records. The central role of this is to keep the readers informed on what the listed items are on and maybe some little more information should there need be. This gets your readers prepared and reported in the context of what is to come. Otherwise, without this, you'd be breeding confusion in your paper, and that's contrary to the intentions of numbered lists in an essay which is to create an understanding and excellent flow in your writing. Once you go ahead to come up with the file, ensure you stay relevant, logical, and sensible. All the items in the numbered list are of sound grammar and match with the lead-in the information.

Most writers would prefer using headlines as introductions to their numbered lists. However, this is not misleading, and we'd advise you to keep off such habits in academic writing more so when it comes to numbered lists in an essay. State the heading and go ahead and give some transitive information below it that will serve to lead-in the reader on the succeeding numbered lists. Lead-ins play quite a considerable role, and their impact on the outcome and flow of your paper towards the numbered lists shouldn't be taken lightly.

Use indents for paragraphs that call for an explanation. There are few instances where after listing an item you'd wish to add some little information on it may be for clarity or to offer directives. This is where you need to use this feature and make things easier for you and your reader. Otherwise, you might end up messing with the flow of units in the presentation, and we both don't want that for your text.

Various Types of Lists Formats

On ways to list things in an essay, there are multiple types, and all serve different purposes:

  1. Run-In Lists

And just like the name suggests, it's more or less part of the general piece. Except that here, the units are to be separated from each other using different ways as we're going to show you. There are two numbers, the use of colons and numbers. See how they work:

  • Use of Numbers; in the case where the listed items form part of the sentence, an excellent way to separate them is through the use of numbers. Numbering the items creates some clear and measurable distinction from the rest of the contents in the sentence

“The new initiative by the government is working towards the resolving issues in the (1) housing sector (2) health sector (3) politics at large (4) national cohesion."

  • Use of Colon; this comes in handy when a list of units succeeds a complete sentence. The colon will serve to the duty of separating the nits from the other section of the sentence

“Avoid hunting if you lack the appropriate gear; penknife, torch, drinking water, binoculars, and a map."

  1. Vertical Lists
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Ideally, on how to list things in a essay, all vertical numbered lists come after the introductory sentence. This phrase should always precede the list, and this is a rule. The central role of the words is to give an overview of the upcoming record is all about and keep the readers informed on what to expect. One feature about vertical menus is the issue of punctuation as the period doesn't necessarily imply the end of the listing and at times you don't have to use the bullet point form.

On how to list things in a essay, the vertical lists are also used whenever you'd wish to list items that are not subject to emphasis and are just listed to ease the reading process. This can be done mostly whenever you'd want to break the monotony of continuous paragraph reading to give your readers a slight pause from the stretch of long sentences. There's a more natural way out whenever you'd wish to construct vertical numbered lists whereby instead of doing the process manually, you lookup for the styles option in your software to do the work for you. For more information on this, you can check out some of the tutorials available online on how to approach that process effectively. We've managed to do the same in this article as you'll come to notice.

The introductory phrase used here can either be complete or incomplete. For the incomplete one, the listed units are the ones who finish the sentence. The introductory text can either be a phrase, clause, or a half-sentence and gives room for continuity by the units to make it a full sentence.

There's a particular case on how to list things in an essay whereby vertical lists are punctuated as a sentence. This usually happens whenever you find a file that is either too long and with many items, and you still have to make the text presentation as one sentence. What are you supposed to do? Here the way out is to use punctuation in that the punishment will remain as a vertical list, but you'll have to use punctuations to create some distinction. This comes in handy, especially in cases whereby the units listed involve some internal punctuations, and this might turn out confusing to the reader.

There's also the one with subdivided items. This looks more or less like a simple outline with listed items in a vertical presentation. Now the alphabetical letters and numbers are just here to bring some logic and create a good flow. For this case, the introductory information (lead-in) has to be a complete sentence, unlike the other instances.

How to Make a List in MLA format

With the ideas gathered from the above information we just gave you it's now time to apply the same information to help on how to make a list in MLA format. Here is the approach below;

So that you know, for the MLA numbered list we won't recommend that for you not unless you are well familiar with the how to make a list MLA format. You'd appreciate that the MLA numbered list is quite different as compared to the other forms of numbered lists in an essay. However, you can as well reach out to your instructor and ask them if they'd be okay with you as a writer going ahead to use the numbered lists in MLA format despite the prohibition. To note, the main reason for the ban is simply because many are not quite versed with the writing process as it calls for some technical features of professional writing that many aren't versed in. Once you get the go-ahead, then you're free to MLA all the way while the adhering some of the MLA principles which we're just about to tell you.

To start with, there are many approaches to MLA numbered list. Among them is the use of sentences. This calls for basics to be applied like the appreciation of the colon. The colon serves to introduce the units. This is also applicable to single sentences so long as the colon is appropriately used. For instance;

“Notable Essay writers to ever grace the free land of America are; Washington Irving, Scott FitzGerald, Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway, Abraham Lincoln, Jane Austen.”

If for some reason you find yourself in a situation with lots of information to itemize as part of your MLA format listing, there's an option for you and that's the block quote format of approach. This approach is practical, and your readers will be attracted to it, that's for sure.

Notable Essay writers to ever grace the free land of America are;

  1. Washington Irving
  2. Scott FitzGerald
  3. Ernest Hemingway
  4. Jane Austen


And just like that, you have your research paper ready and structured with the numbered lists. Give your paper some facelift by using numbered lists for they'll not only attract your readers, but they also make the reading easier. Try this and remember to thank us later.

Do you have any additional insights on how to make a list in MLA format?

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