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Nature vs Nurture Essay

There is a general trend in America and some countries in Europe where most incarcerated people are of the black/African race compared to their populations. What could cause this state of affairs? If the incarcerated are mainly there because of nature, then what would be the optimal solution for it? And what would happen if the criminal tendencies were due to nurture/environment? These questions impact heavily on policy and human relations, and one can only navigate through them safely if the nature v/s nurture debate is handled effectively. Such a state of having clear and well thought out ideas is only possible in the context of writing a nature versus nurture essay. In this article, we are going to learn how best to write this kind of essay by outlining the preparations required and through illustrating one of nature versus nurture examples.

Defining the Key Issues for the Nature vs nurture Essay

The most important part when it comes to thinking and writing about nature versus nurture is getting a clear grip on what the key issues are, and coming up with the required ideas and concepts. In a nature versus nurture essay, the key issues are:

  • A clear definition of what nature means

  • A clear nurture definition

  • An understanding of the difference between nature and nurture

  • An estimation of effects of each of the contending realities

  • A view on the criminal justice system and its optimal requirements

  • Developing an idea of how the nature vs nurture debate can be harnessed for positive effect in society

The optimal thinker is one who either knows his/her biases and works around them or has no bias and is willing to investigate and see things for what they are. This is possible if after the key issues to be resolved are outlined the thinker and scholar goes ahead to investigate the nature vs nurture debate accordingly to see how it is linked to other social issues.

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Tracing the Meanings of Key Terms Used In the Essay

The dictionary is often a good place to begin with when trying to find out the meanings that are probably given by seeing how to define nurture regarding the criminal justice system. But one may need to go further and trace some of the etymologies of the keywords and trace the changes in usage through time. Such an approach reveals the primary context of usage and reveals some of the interests and issues that gave rise to the usage of the term(s). For example:

"The usage of the ‘nature vs nurture' was started by Francis Galton (1887) when Darwinian philosophies were rising and it was almost necessary that the intellectual community in Europe should create a paradigm that would help in explaining some of the critical issues in society through the use of heritable and un inheritable qualities..." (Moore- 2016).

By knowing how such terms began to be used and the context in which they were first coined, we can have a glimpse of some of the hidden issues that may go unnoticed to the uncritical mind. Besides, it is imperative that one also seeks latest trends in the nature and nurture definition. For example, how far has genetics and micro-biology gone in identifying the interactions between what has been deemed to be nature vs nurture? This sets one on an investigation and research path that requires rigor in identifying credible and relevant sources and engaging these sources as intensively as possible.

Doing an Informational and Literature Review for the Nature vs Nurture Essay

The investigation brings much information and detail for processing so that a deep and cogent understanding of the issues involved can be developed, and any new areas for investigation and development can be identified and pursued. This implies doing a thorough review of what has been found. For example, how does one define nurture? The method to be used in this case then becomes similar to that of conducting a literature review.

Sources and details need to be properly documented and placed on a special space that can facilitate visualization. Normally, it's the unattended ideas that give the best answers that help to create a fresh and insightful view in the nature versus nurture debate.

Dealing with the Unattended Possibilities

A proper investigation and research review is apt to reveal new ways and approaches that could be helpful in writing this kind of nature vs nurture essay.

For example:

"Carey (2011) showed how there can be non-genetic inheritance. Part of this non-genetic mechanism is linked to molecules that may be part of the environment around chromosomes..."

Such a lead could make one wonder how hard and fast the difference between nature and nurture is. Given that there may be many such leads, it's imperative that one takes time to consider the thesis or finding that may be available from the information under scrutiny. Therefore, the construction of an appropriate thesis involves a careful balance of the various styles of thinking available and a careful and succinct expression of facts in determining the issues between nature vs nurture.

Compiling Evidence for the Nature vs nurture Essay

The necessary evidence is collected as one builds the thesis and outlines the major ideas and premises. The deal is to find the strongest evidence first for each of requisite premises and to arrange them in the preferred way. Then one should step back and critique the logical structure of the thesis and evaluate it for validity, persuasiveness and beauty. Once this is done, then the nature vs nurture debate is ready to be resolved. Recall that in this instance the resolution is through analyzing nature vs nurture examples.

Writing the Essay

Like most essays, the nature vs nurture essay has the;

  • Preliminaries,

  • The main argument

  • And finally the summary of the argument

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The Preliminaries - How to Start a Nature vs Nurture Essay

This forms the introductory part of the essay. At this point, one tries to grip the reader by stating an issue that shows that the reader needs to be concerned in the main argument presented. More often than not, if the investigation and research was thorough then one is likely to find a gripping state of affairs that if shared will convince the reader of the import of the nature v/s nurture examples. The preliminaries also show how the essay intends to build on the thesis found. It introduces the key premises that will facilitate the main argument and minimizes any objections that may have been raised in the research and or in the level where we put together the findings of the nature vs nurture debate and the main thesis is forming.

This is how to start a nature vs nurture essay, consider the example:

"The trend of incarcerating black Africans at a rate that's higher than other races, and given the police organization's policies reveals that there is heavy bias and unintelligent action against the victims of the criminal justice system in America and Europe. This essay is intended to show that the main assumption of police authorities assume that most criminals are formed by nature and that they find little incentive in noting how the state created conditions of living contribute in the increase in desperation and anger among the black community. Through exploring issues like the history of the nature vs nurture debate and its scientific imperfections, politics of race, modern genetics and micro-biology, this essay will show that the scientific community may be complicit in atrocities against a race that tends to genocide."

Once we know how to start a nature vs nurture essay and we have a clear nurture definition, we can move to the main argument.

Presenting the Main Argument in the Nature vs Nurture Essay

You have now stated the thesis of your ‘what is nature vs nurture essay'. The next important thing is to transition to the main presentation that you've already outlined in your preparations and show how the nature vs nurture debate is resolved.

The idea is to structure your paragraphs such that each opening statement is the premise to be built on, followed by the evidence for it, then state the analysis you've created and deal with any objection associated with the premise.

"The history of the nature vs nurture debate has been skewed by political aims rather than scientific ones. Moore (2016) shows how the pioneers of this argument selected a mode of experimentation that was unsound. Previous studies were mainly focused on twin studies, yet these studies can only be used to account for variation and not causality. Yet, since the inception of these methods few scientists have challenged the validity of the experiments..."

Each paragraph is treated similarly and the whole argument is then tied together as already outlined during your preparations.

Summarizing Your Nature vs nurture Essay

Your summary of what is nature vs nurture essay is about a recapitulation of facts in alternative terms. It restates the thesis and repeats how the main premises used have been tied together. It then outlines some of the implications of the status quo and what could be done in the foreseeable future given the nature v/s nurture examples chosen.


Our article has shown the importance of the nature vs nurture essay and how it can be used to resolve the nature vs nurture debate. It is our hope that the nature vs nurture examples will help you write better essays from now on.

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