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Military Base Essay

What is the purpose of writing a military base essay and how should you write one? These are some of the pressing questions which trouble students daily. In this detailed guide, we will talk about the tips, requirements and example topics of these papers. However, before we dive into all these details, let's first mention their importance in this field of academics.

As application documents, they will require you to prove that you have the skills needed to join the military school. You have to showcase your unique comprehension skills through military base essay writing. Present your keen understanding as well as knowledge on a specific point of issue to convince the admission panel.

Lastly, we should point out that other than just army applicants, these papers play a crucial role when it comes to military training. They make sure that cadets master several skills like tactics, attention to detail, compliance measures, and commitment levels.

Now, let us look at a couple of remarkable military base essay topics and tools to nurture, inspire and smoothen your writing!

Some Compelling Military Base Essay Example Prompts

1. An Essay on How Military Deployment Affects Families

This Military base essay example shows how families often go through stressful situations, like constant separations, frequent geographical relocations, and reorganizations of their families. Many of them struggle to reintegrate after deployment.

This paper discusses, reviews challenges and looks at tips on how families can navigate the process of deployment. For instance, the significant problems which such families face include:

  • The redefining of roles
  • Expectations
  • Division of labor

2. The Right Place Time and Uniform Essay

This essay about military base recruitment teaches military men on the importance of being at the right time and place. It states that this is one of the most efficient ways of ensuring that they fulfill their duties. It can also make things practical, smooth and straightforward. Failure to uphold these responsibilities may even compromise a mission.

The paper further highlights that being in the right place, time and in the uniform brings out several aspects of a soldier. Some of these include:

  • It shows that they have a robust, precise and clear communication system
  • It portrays shows lack of confusion
  • Effective teamwork and professionalism
  • Pride in wearing the uniform as they understand what it represents.

3. A Paper on the History of Women

Here is another brilliant essay for military base writing. In your thesis statement, you could talk about how women have struggled for many years to earn the right to enjoy social and political privileges afforded by men. Today, they vote and have jobs outside their homes, most of which were viewed as men's work. Despite these vast developments, they still have to work extra harder to prove that they have the right to be considered equal to men.

4. A Paper on Homeless Veterans

One of the problems which continue to trouble the United States of America is the issue of homelessness. However, over the past couple of years, this issue has become more prevalent with reports of army veterans dying on the streets.

This military base essay writing research paper looks at the impact of homelessness on these retired military men and women who spent most of their lives serving their country. It even goes on to examine the possible interventions to solve this menace.

5. Is It Okay for Women to Serve in Military Combat Units?

Are you looking for a military base argumentative essay? Well, in the USA, the debate of whether women should share equal job opportunities like their male counterparts seems to be a never-ending conversation. While some feel that it's okay to allow women to take part in combat, others argue that they lack the physical qualities needed for infantry.

If you decide to write such a topic, explain both the pros and cons of women serving in these combat units. Are they strong enough to handle the physicality and intensity of the military or do they have a lot more to offer than what most people think?

6. A Military Base Essay on the American Revolution

This American history explains how, against all the odds, a band of ragtag volunteers managed to fight and win against the most potent military service of that time. The military base essay demonstrates various factors contributing to the American Revolution's success. These include:

  • The leadership abilities of George Washington
  • The determination and spirit of the colonists'
  • Military and financial help from foreign countries
  • Sheer luck as the British forces hadn't dug their fit firmly enough to conquer the land.

7. The World War One Trench Life

The lives of soldiers in World War 1 were filled with a lot of challenges. They lived in terrible and horrifying conditions. These trenches were full of blood and mud, and the rations of food were only enough to keep them alive.

Hygiene was also a pressing concern and the frequent gas attacks, and shelling made many feel as if death was imminent. In fact, because of such adverse living conditions, many soldiers died while those who remained experienced a lot of mental breakdowns.

8. What is the Meaning of Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a crucial part of American culture. It's a day which remembers the patriotic works of the men and women who lost their lives serving the country. During this day, families get time to spend together, and communities even hold colorful social gatherings.

By writing such a paper, you show your readers that you understand the importance of the holiday and most importantly, you appreciate the struggle of those who served before you. After all, it's a holiday which has been in existence since the end of the American Civil War, a period which was characterized by mixed emotion, loss of lives and economic degradation.

Use These Essential Tips to Transform Your Military Base Essay

Even though you have a military base essay example topic already with you, before you start working on it, there are a few crucial things which you should never forget. For instance, what will be the outline of your paper? How should you structure your thesis statement? Below, we will answer these and more questions:

1. Come Up With the Best Outline

By now, you know that if you want to create any compelling or captivating document, you need to have a permanent structure. Similarly, a military base essay outline will help you to organize your ideas. It's your paper's foundation and something that you should never rush into.

Luckily, we have come up with tools to ensure that you get a clear structure for your paper. Once you have a topic, write it in the middle of a plain paper. Draw at least three lines branching away from this topic, writing down all the critical points at the end of every line. Continue drawing more lines but now, from these main ideas as you add all the thoughts that you may have on them.

However, make sure you stick to the required military base essay outline. Shockingly, this is an area that even the best of writers make mistakes struggle to do. Once, you've understood the basic paper requirements and the outline; the next step is to captivate your readers with a catchy introduction.

In your first sentence, use a compelling hook, and you will immediately capture their attention. Even so, avoid false statements as they will only make you ‘appear' foolish in the eyes of anyone who reads your paper. Explain the purpose of your essay using a catchy thesis statement.

The main body section of your paper should include a vivid explanation of your proposed ideas using facts or even figures to convince your readers. Close your essay in a well-written conclusion as you summarize and give your remarks on the topic.

2. Your Thesis Statement

After sorting out all your ideas on the topic, you should know how to create a captivating thesis statement. As it tells your readers the primary purpose of your military base essay, it needs to be carefully thought out. It's better to divide it into at least two sections. In the first part, state your topic, and in the second, explain why you've decided to talk about it.

3. Understand the Kind of Paper You're Writing

There are different types of military base essays. You can be required to write a captivating military base argumentative essay, a persuasive or an informative based paper. This is where you'll have to put focus heavily on research. Feel free to use the example that we've mentioned above for additional assistance.

4. Be Creative

Even though you're writing about an essay about military base admission always shows your spirit of imagination. Deliver your ideas in a unique, and transparent manner. One brilliant technique is by starting all your sentences with a topic sentence. In every paragraph, use contextual information and quotes.

5. Always Use Reliable or Credible Sources

Quotes from scholarly sources show that your paper is authentic and well-researched. They help in proving your argument and hence, always use scholarly sources. Examples of these scholarly sources include textbooks, NPR articles, and peer-reviewed journals.

Some of the materials which you should avoid using for your military base essay writing are entries from the encyclopedia, unverified web sources, and magazine articles.

6. Avoid Fluffing Your Content

An essay about military base-related issues should be attractive and concise. There's no room for filler content meant only to add bulk into your essay. So, ensure that you structure your sentences in a manner which adds substance into their work. Keep in mind a majority of instructors prefer a short, exciting and well-written paper as compared to a lengthy document with 80% fluff.

7. Know How to Conclude Your Paper

We have already mentioned the importance of having a conclusion in your military base essay outline. While it may be a short paragraph or two, it's not something that should be taken for granted. It requires time to collect all your ideas and to summarize them adequately in just a few closing remarks.

Therefore, always start your conclusion by carefully restating your thesis statement. It's the best chance for you to tie down all your key points as you wrap things up. Lastly, a reasonable conclusion should analyze all your significant arguments in each paragraph and concisely address them.

8. Thorough Proofreading

Once you're through with your conclusion, don't forget to counter-check your work. Read every section of your paper carefully, paying attention to small details. Note that many readers will not finish a document that filled with grammatical errors. With that in mind, below are a few efficient ways of making sure your essay is academically acceptable:

  • Remove all conjunctions like (aren't, don't, couldn't, etc.). While acceptable in other forms of writing, it's not appropriate in academic writing, for instance, when discussing military base essay topics.
  • Print and reread it - interestingly, you'll see a lot more errors when going through your printed document as compared to when it's on your computer screen.
  • Have your friends, parents, or a professional writer read it- Having another pair of eyes read your document is also another essay for military base essay bonus point. An unbiased person will help you to correct all those errors you may have missed
  • Consider reading aloud - here is another technique of eliminating mistakes in grammar. If something sounds wrong, well, it probably is and needs correction.


Military base essay topics continue to pose a massive challenge to students from across the world. They require a considerable investment of your time for doing research, formulating concepts, facts and deriving solutions on the topic in question. We hope that these basic examples and proven tips will help you come up with an attractive final piece but most importantly, remember to trust your unique writing skills.

Do you have any tips on how to write a military base essay? Share with us!

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