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How to Write a Philosophy Paper

Coming up with an academic essay is not a walk in a park. Mainly due to the fact, a scholar can encounter many issues like lack of adequate information. A philosophy article is among them, and it's challenging to write primarily because its format is different from other types of essays. Anyway, in this article, we will focus on tackling the popular request among scholars, "How to write a philosophy paper."

In this article, not only will we give you the instructions on how to write an excellent essay, but also give you the definition of the best way to write a philosophy paper. So, here is the philosophy paper meaning.

Definition of a Philosophy Paper

By the end of this article, you should be conversant with the meaning of writing a philosophy paper. This is considered significant because as a writer, you'll know the do's and don'ts and follow them with much ease.

The philosophy essay is an article designed to come up with a report and defend it. A scholar should first of all research for the relevant topic to present, and then they should figure out how to convince the audience concerning the position they are siding from the subject. This is even easier said than done; therefore, a scholar should research far and wide and ensure with their own words that their audience is convinced.

Although, you must be cautious because a philosophical essay is not entailed of mere thoughts and perspectives of the writer. Or a report of other author's feelings toward the subject but factual information that is well supported.

As you learn how to write a philosophy paper introduction, It's not enough to come up with a statement like: "My thought is C" alone. Have your opening line sound a bit like: "My opinion concerning the topic is C, is X and the reason why I insist on it is that:

Another excellent start is "I think the following points prove a convincing consideration of my position.” "Malcolm tries to prove that C, but I will look into it and with the offered information, I will convince the audience how C is incorrect.

Keep in mind that proving other philosophy authors is a difficult job, but if you manage, you will automatically score the highest grade.

So, here are the essential hints of how to write a philosophy argument paper:

  • Coming up with a sturdy theory is the first step towards success; that's why it's considered significant to learn how to begin an essay. Though in most cases, it's deemed to be useful to include a hook sentence when you're about to start a conversation. Though the main reason is that it will create more opportunities for your audience to be interested in the article.
  • Be cautious in the other sections of your article because they are equally important. As a scholar, be ready to defend your points in case there'll be an audience who might be having an opposite reaction towards the topic.
  • An excellent philosophy article should be written modestly; therefore, make sure that most ideas aren't completed in a single sentence. Make your work easy to read and comprehend by explaining a few concepts.
  • Be original and prove to your audience that you have understood the subject at hand and concerning the topic, you can even start by offering your thesis towards it.
  • Discuss your issues with friends and classmates because it's essential for you as a writer. Get to know other people's opinions towards the topic and borrow ideas from them.
  • Turn to the primary sources of research for this is the foundation of one's knowledge. Sources like magazines, journals, and academic articles that are related to the subject can help you in collecting excellent ideas.

How to Write a Philosophy Paper that Can Interest a Reader

It's essential to comprehend the goals required for that assignment, and that's how you will make your work easy. As the author, once you are done with the theory, consider the following elements on how to write an abstract for philosophy paper:

  • Condemn the argument or emphasize just how some opinions aren't relevant.
  • Come up with a defense that can counter the criticism of the opposite sides.
  • Create reasons that important to support your theory statement.
  • Have the weak and strong points of a couple of opposing opinions concerning the offered theory, compared.
  • With the help of examples, make your theory statement more attractive to the audience.
  • Have the arguments of other philosophers
  • Think ahead in case your theory is correct.
  • With some editing, proofread your theory.

How to Come Up With a Philosophy Outline

A good outline according to research, takes up 80% of excellent research work. An essay's clarity is dependent on the structure, and the majority of students still wrestle with how to write a philosophy paper outline. A philosophy article outline is similar to most research paper outline because a framework is directly dependent on the volume of the scholar's work. If a project is of about ten pages, then they might have an outline of 2 pages.

Here is how to write a philosophy paper outline concerning sociology should be written:

  • The introduction
  • The definitions and parameters
  • The main reason why students should be enrolled in sociology classes.
  • The second reason why sociology classes are taken
  • The reason why sociology classes need to be made.
  • The conclusion

Coming up with drafts, you are required to think of the questions which will explain your theories and they should be in order. The best way to write a philosophy paper is by first coming up with an outstanding outline. Therefore, you are needed to, first of all, organize your points in such a way they will fit together. This also gives you room to state the position you're in, concerning the main claim before sitting and coming up with a full draft of your paper.

Students often struggle as they write mainly because they haven't come into account about what they are trying to say.

How to Come Up With an Ideology Paper Introduction

Earlier in this article, we have discussed the importance of how to write a philosophy paper introduction. With that, remember to have these elements included:

  • The critical question to be driven in the discussion
  • The position concerning the topic at hand, the author, is siding with.
  • A bright and brief simplification of the work and argued a position.

What is contained in the Body?

If you want to know how to write a philosophy argument paper excellently, your body needs to contain the following elements:

  • Evidential support from other idealists.
  • The reason
  • The longed condemning
  • The denying of objections
  • Transition to the following argument.

How a Philosophy Paper Conclusion is written

Knowing how to write a philosophy paper conclusion can be a tricky task. The reason being is that you not only have to conclude your essay, but you also need to leave your readers impressed. Having a powerful conclusion can lead to positive feedback from the audience. So here are the instructions of how to write a philosophy paper conclusion.

  • Begin with the paraphrasing of a theory statement
  • Remember all the claims from the paragraphs in the body and mention them one by one.
  • Finish your conclusion by leaving a rhetorical question for your audience or personal issues concerning the topic.

Which Philosophy Format is to Be Used

In this section, we will focus on the various formats used in the exploration of a paper format. The learning institution plays a role in the kind of form to be used. An example can be Harvard their philosophy essays need to be written using the Harvard format.

In the case of quoting, most matters, scholars use the APA format, and an example can be: Jackson M.M. (2017). Teaching people how to adopt foreign accents.

How the Nursing Philosophy Paper is Written

One of the most tested topics in the field of healthcare and medicine is how a nursing paper is created. This paper in both the college and university level has been quite a bother to many scholars.

  • As you write this article, begin with an explanatory statement. And continue to provide the central claim of your item with support statements.
  • Afterward, come up with a good counter-argument against those who won't be supporting your claims and ensure that it's a good response.
  • After accomplishing these two things, that is when you include the introduction to your work.
  • After the introduction and body, leave a conclusion at the end.
  • After writing the conclusion have a list of references and this list you need to dedicate a new page.

Attention-Grabbing Philosophy Paper Topics

Before this article comes to an end, we would for you to see some of the exciting topics. Before you choose a particular topic, make sure that you are personally conversant to it even before getting down to research. Other than that, these are some of the issues as per their categories.

Political Paper Topics

These are the topics worthy for a person who is intending to be a presidential candidate.

  • Economic justice and equality for all.
  • Discussion concerning the peace and war balance
  • The social contract
  • The potholes of the democratic government.
  • Human ethics.

Easy Philosophy Topics

  • The difference between political and legal sciences
  • The ideological movement in the USA wave.
  • The Greek and Roman philosophers
  • Christian philosophical judgments.
  • Philosophy and Neurophilosophy.

Philosophy Topics on Abortion

In these types of philosophy papers, be cautious because these topics are quite sensitive.

  • Ethical perspectives on abortion
  • Argumentative article on anti-abortion.'
  • The issues associated with being a young single mother.
  • The arguments for those who support abortion (The role of such doctor for their purpose is to preserve life)

How to Come Up With a Philosophy Paper Example

Another thing a student needs to know, is how to write a philosophy paper example. An example's primary function is to speed up the writing process and also to give room for your readers to be in the same page as you. Get cases that are beneficial to you on the internet and search for the articles that were professionally written in one of the websites.

Writing and Re-Writing

Now that you've completed the rough sketch of your article put it away for two days at most and then re-read it. As you go through each sentence, make sure that they all are contributing towards your initial discussion. If some of the points are not aligned with the main argument, then discard these points and don't introduce them to your work.

Ensure that your sentences read what they are meant to say. An example is "Aborting is the same thing as killing." This statement is not correct since if an individual was to be shot dead, it's not similar to aborting. The proper explanation is that, "Aborting is a method of killing." With that, be cautious in writing your article. Ensure that any ideological phrase in your article, as you speak it, there is an exact meaning behind it.

To the structure of your draft, pay attention to it as you review. The reason is that it affects the success of your philosophical essay. Ensure your reader is in a position to understand exactly what it is you're talking about. Ensure that your article's structure is good, in such a way your readers can find the point being driven in every paragraph.

It's highly recommended for one to show their draft to fellow friends and classmates. For this can enable one to borrow their wisdom and realize what their thoughts are, concerning your work. An alternative is to read your work out loud and see whether you can make sense out of it. Reading your draft aloud, can be beneficial especially if you are to determine where the issues concerning your thoughts and perspectives.


How to write a philosophy paper example is not an easy task, mainly because its format is different from other kinds of articles. We hope that the strategies for tackling this academic problem have shown you how to write an abstract for philosophy paper. Before we end, always remember that it isn't just the instructions that will aid you in coming up with an outstanding article, but also the effort you put in practice.

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