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How to Write a Narrative Essay

What is Narrative Essay?

In the event that you are given work to write a narrative story in school, it will be a great opportunity to hone your storytelling skills and showcase your knowledge and comprehension of the subject matter. For most students, these types of narrative essay examples are more interesting than other kinds of written work.

You showcase a particular episode and its outcome from your viewpoint as a narrative story, which will assist you and your readers to be deeply involved in the process. Before you embark on narrative writing, you ought to look for a topic that will assist you to write the best essay, something which is possible if it's familiar to you and you can have a passionate conversation about it for a long time. Why is this important? If you select a topic for your narrative format that isn't very interesting for you, then it would be easy to compose good narrative essay examples on it since you'll have to force yourself to write it.

You might have been given an assignment to write a narrative essay for the first time, and you're wondering, "What is narrative writing"? Or "What is a narrative essay"?

A narrative essay can be defined in several ways. Generally, it can be defined as a text that is utilized to tell a particular story and enables you to share your experience in an inspirational way. Such kinds of narrative essay examples get more attention from readers since everyone is a fan of stories.

You need to develop a good structure for your narrative essay, compose a captivating story, and utilize the set guidelines for narrative writing to get the highest mark possible. If you have no idea on how to write a narrative essay, you ought to look at other narrative essay examples, look for inspiration wherever you can, and know the particular requirements given to you by your professor.

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How to Start a Narrative Essay

Guidelines on How to Start a Narrative Essay

The following are tips on how to start a narrative essay.

  • Think about the topic - You ought to be able to convert your experience into a good narrative story. It won't be a great narrative essay if you're not involved in your narrative writing and also do not desire to share your experience with other people.
  • Begin with a draft - Writing a good story from the start to the end without proper planning is not an easy thing to do. Thus, you need to come up with a draft and then fine tune it until you're sure that the results are in line with all the requirements given. Many famous writers often utilize this approach.
  • Elements of the storyline - Many stories have features such as description, characters, plot, and setting, among others that make each text attract the readers' attention and also make them ponder over it. Ensure that your story has all these elements and is written in line with all rules of literature.
  • Viewpoint - Readers are supposed to comprehend your role in the narrative story clearly. This is why it is crucial to give them all the details of the depicted event and an explanation of your behavior in a given situation.
  • Proving and supporting - In your narrative format, in addition to showing your opinion, you should also back it using arguments. You can do this by providing any facts and references that portray the reliability of your thoughts and the outcomes of your conclusions.
  • No provision of details that do not mean anything to your narrative story - These details will make your narrative essay wordy and might confuse your readers. To figure out if particular details are required, you need to find out if they have important roles in the story's plot.
  • Clear narrative format - You should utilize suitable language and simple words in your story. The more your readers comprehend what you are telling them, the better their feedback will be and take into account that some things that are clear to you might be vague to others. Therefore, you ought to go through your text before you hand it in.
  • Describe events in chronological order - When it comes to narrative writing, essays are composed in a chronological order to avoid confusion and enable readers to follow the writer's thoughts easily.
  • Go through other narrative essay examples - The more you read them, the more you comprehend how to come up with a well-developed plot. Moreover, you can also watch videos in which other people talk about their experience as it assists in learning how to communicate your thoughts appropriately.
  • Dynamic word choice is important - Do not sound too clinical. Utilize the same idioms and turns of phrases you would utilize in speech. Moreover, stay away from passive constructions.
  • Double-check the given requirements - Whenever you are given this type of assignment, you are supposed to be provided with guidelines and requirements. If you are not given, you are free to ask for more details from your professor.
  • Revise your essay - Remember to check for any grammatical mistakes and plagiarism and rewrite sentences that do not sound well. In addition, you can always ask for advice from your friends. There are many other services that can assist you with editing and revising your narrative story.
  • Highlight the most significant moments - Bearing in mind that you'll have to highlight the most important facts or arguments to assist your readers to recognize them and easily comprehend their role in the story and also their influence on the result.
  • Stay away from the second person narrative - A critical component of a narrative essay is that the author experienced the described events. Narrative writing involves writing in the first person. Utilizing "I" provides the story with an immediacy that attracts the reader.
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Important Point to Note

In writing a narrative story, you need to remember that it is the writer's choice to disclose the significance of an experience. Most writers tend to make this connection to theme in the introductory paragraph, while others reveal it at the end.


In case you have any questions on how to write a narrative essay or what is a narrative essay, the points mentioned above will help you to come up with a captivating story.

Writing a story in a narrative format is similar to writing a novel; however, these kinds of essays at times have specific rules for writing. These rules can differ depending on various things. To come up with a good paper, you have to adhere to the universal standards, utilize the correct structure, avoid plagiarism, and also attempt to disclose the chosen topic fully. In addition, you should not forget to check your essay for any grammatical errors. Even the best narrative story will not attract and engage a reader if its text contains a lot of errors like typos.

Our essay writing company offers a highly efficient way of learning how to compose various kinds of essays required in schools. We dissect the writing process into manageable portions that can easily be absorbed by writers. Therefore, if you happen to have no time to write a narrative story, trust us with your essay. Our team of professional writers will deliver the best narration possible that is composed from your personal experience and in your voice.

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