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How to Start An Essay

Essay writing is part and parcel of any college or university level programme. It is a crucial skill to possess, but only a few students get to master. This is because many individuals, and not just students, experience challenges with writing. Although all it takes to learn writing is some practice, only a handful of students can comfortably admit to being excellent writers. Every aspect from the planning and organization stage to finally submitting the essay contributes significantly to the overall grade your paper will receive. In this article, scholars will get to learn how to start an essay with ease, and give it the best introduction.

It is easy to get stuck, and many individuals often wonder how to start an essay. The introduction you give your paper depends on the type of composition you are writing. Therefore, this guide will teach students how to:

  • start an analysis essay

  • start an argumentative essay

  • start an essay with a quote

  • start an expository essay

  • start an informative essay

It also includes an essential guide of how to start an essay and strategies one can employ to give their piece the best introduction. There are a couple of how to start an essay examples included to help drive the point home.

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How to Start an Analysis Essay

Before learning how to start an analysis essay, it is crucial to have an understanding of what it is. The mistake the majority of the students make while writing such pieces is that they often present a summary instead of an analysis. Mentioning the sequence of events, people and/or places is less of analysis and more of a summary. An analysis essay provides a detailed description of how the central theme is presented or how a story is written. It also discusses the mood and how metaphors used relate to the story.

The Role of GMOs

"The survival of humanity depends on their ability to access basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. As a result of overpopulation and changing climatic conditions, access to these resources has been limited due to scarcity. The food industry, in particular, has suffered a lot of blows with several parts of the world struggling with either drought or famine. To cater to food shortages, scientists have managed to create genetically-modified organisms, or GMOs, sparking lots of debate.

The food industry is not new to controversy. Over the years, several products manufactured in the food sector have generated lots of debates for example emulsifiers, gluten-related products, and food preservatives. However, the GMO debate is one that has stirred so much controversy with parties sharply divided over their safety. What most do not realize is that GMOs have been around for over a century. Thousands of years back, our ancestors cultivated specific breeds of animals and plants because they performed better than others. A perfect example of GMOs in play. In recent years..."

The above "Role of GMOs" is an analysis of the role played by genetically-modified organisms, or GMOs in the survival of humanity. It is an example of how you can start an analysis essay. An analytical article requires the presentation of facts to support your arguments, and which should be evident from the introductory paragraph.

Students must ensure the following when writing the introduction:

  • Create the hook

  • Include a thesis statement

  • Back up the thesis statement. You can do so by showing your intentions to prove your arguments to be valid.

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How to Start an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is any paper that attempts to persuade readers into agreeing with your thoughts. A well-written introduction for such articles gives a summary of the authors' main points of debate. That implies that the introductory paragraph(s) must highlight your stand. It gives readers an idea of what to expect regarding the support you give your thoughts and in the process also raise their curiosity. It is critical to give your arguments some weight from the word go as it gives it legitimacy.


The Safety of GMOs

"The world has never been as vigilant as it is today on the foods we consume. In fact, the food industry has seen a growing concern about what is and what is not safe for human consumption. The foods we take impact our lifestyles far more than we ever anticipated, and as such, great caution must be exercised when choosing what to eat. The issue of food preservatives, use of emulsifiers and gluten-related foods sparked so much debate but nothing close to that of genetically-modified organisms, or GMOs. Scientists have confirmed that they are safe to consume, and despite that much controversy still exists. They are critical to human survival as they help fill the gap created by shortages.

GMOs are designed to withstand some of the challenges that would cause common species to die, and they perform better in terms of production. They have become critical to our nutrition. What most individuals do not realize is that GMOs have been around for more than a millennia."

How to Start an Essay with a Quote

There is no specific approach that students can use to write the introductory essay paragraph. It all depends on the type of writing and the style. One such technique is starting your essay with a quotation. If you are wondering how you can start an essay with a quote, don't fret because we will provide you with a guide on how to do this. There are two critical aspects to consider should you opt to use quotations;

  • Finding the appropriate quote

  • Quoting correctly

Finding the proper quote involves avoiding frequently used quotes and clichés. That is because you'll bore your audience right off the bat, meaning nobody will read your essay. When you use clichés and overused quotes, you come out as lazy and not willing to make the extra effort to come up with a quality piece. Use quotes in a manner that surprises your audience to capture their attention. Other aspects to consider include:

  • Use the quote in the right context.

  • Make it relatable to your audience. Ensure that it is not offensive to them.

  • It must relate to the essay and makes some contribution to it.

  • Make it interesting for the reader.

Quoting correctly is another challenge. You could have included the best quote, but how you have done it makes you lose crucial points. To cite as required, ensure the following:

  • That the quote is correctly placed

  • Introduce the quote

  • Put the quotation marks as needed

  • Attribute the quote appropriately

  • Stick to the meaning of the quote

  • Relate the citation to the essay

How to Start an Informative Essay

How to start an informative piece will depend on your understanding of what such compositions expect of you. It is vital to recognize that such writing only requires a presentation of facts and not your personal opinion or analysis. The introductory paragraph for such articles must;

  • Introduce the subject while still manage to captivate your audience

  • Focus on the general purpose before getting more specific

  • Provide a little background information by comparing facts

  • Conclude the intro with the thesis statement

How to Start an Expository Essay

Expository essays are a tool frequently used in the academic world. At some point, all students will have to write an expository essay. Here is a guide to help you start an expository essay.

Identify the type of expository paper you will be working on. It can be;

  • Compare and contrast essays

  • Definition

  • Classification essays

  • How - To Essays

  • Cause and effects essay

You will be expected to provide information on a particular topic. To start, give an accurate and well-balanced analysis of the subject matter without your own analysis or opinion interfering. Instead, focus on the facts.

Strategies to Help You Begin Your Essay Paper

Although the type of essay you write will dictate how you get to start it. Some factors cut across the board and which are critical regardless of the kind of essay you write and which are discussed below:

  • Organization

Organization and planning are a vital part of any writing. That is because it is a time-consuming activity and as such must be allocated sufficient time. Unless you are writing the paper in an exam setting, ensure that you have allocated ample time to create the perfect content. It will help you create milestones, and avoid procrastinating. During this step, you also get to assess your resources. Preparation is key to writing an excellent and mature material.

  • Research

Having settled on your topic of choice, it is critical that you research on it widely and thoroughly. The quality of your content depends on how much reading and understanding you have of the subject matter. Thanks to the organization step, students can identify legit sources of information. A good introduction will depend on your familiarity with the topic at hand. Ensure that as you research, you are taking short notes and noting down the sources.

  • Create an Outline

Before you commence writing your essay, it is essential that you create an outline for your essay. The framework is created based on the main points of the essay. It will be structured into three main parts - the introduction, body, and conclusion. The body is where the 'meat' of the composition can be found. One of the basics of how to start an essay that we are taught from the moment we begin writing such articles is first to create an outline. You will write the topic sentences for every paragraph before you can give the details.

  • Your Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is a critical part of an essay paper. It is the roadmap that ensures you stay within the boundaries of the article. That implies not going off topic. The statement sets the theme of the essay and as such must be appropriate, accurate and concise. Every paragraph and point must relate to it.

When to Write Your Introduction

To write an introduction that meets your standards, the tips provided will be of help. However, there is one thing a lot of students don't really know or even acknowledge: your introduction can be written last after you have completed the rest of the paper. It is advisable to do so because only then can fully grasp in entirety the message your essay is trying to pass across.


You don't have to feel stuck anymore because you don't know how to start an essay. This guide will help you write an introduction for any type of essay that you come across. To top that, several online platforms provide students with how to start an essay examples, mainly sample papers of previously done articles by students. Essay writing is a fun activity once you have mastered the basics such as how to start.

All the best as you write your essay paper.

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