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Dissertation Proposal

Students in pursuit of their post-graduate certificates must write a dissertation paper so that they can be assessed. However, the task requires early preparation that may include meeting certain requirements from the learning institution such as writing a dissertation proposal as a basic guideline. What is a dissertation proposal template? The document is defined as the first writing before the main writing aimed at providing a visual representation of the final project in a paper. Basically, the document outlines the key aspects of the project in advance in addition to helping the writer have an idea of where and what next. To best understand what a dissertation proposal outline is, a student should look at it from the perspective of its goals.

The Target of a Dissertation Proposal Template

A dissertation proposal template aims at persuading the readers and its recipients that the project is worth pursuing. It highlights the reasons why research or further research should be carried out in a bid to address the identified problem. The greater the dissertation proposal the higher the chances that it will get support from the university warranting its start. Mostly, universities grade the dissertation proposal and add the marks earned to the final paper. That implies that the same treatment that is given to the dissertation document should as well be given to the dissertation proposal template. The approval of the papers signals a go-ahead for the student.

The Process for Attaining Dissertation Proposal Outline

Various universities have their publications which they give to the students upon joining on how they want their dissertation proposal written. Within those documents, they have Dissertation proposal examples for guiding their learners. Even though rules are agreed, research before creating a dissertation proposal example cannot be done away with since the data that goes into the manuscript is not only supposed to be credible but also reliable. The headline chosen for the inquiry automatically becomes a topic for the subsequent paper unless there are reasons informing changes to be affected.

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Supervisors' Input in a Dissertation Proposal

Assigned lecturers or supervisors play a serious role in ensuring that a paper for presentation meets the requisite standards besides meeting high quality cut off. For a professional document that is readable by critical thinker and academic fraternity, students should ensure that they engage their supervisor in assessing the dissertation proposal outline before it becomes the basis upon which the dissertation paper is built. More so, seeking clarification establishes a good rapport between a student and the supervisor and makes the task enjoyable. Questions that appear challenging should be addressed through the fora where students are able to gauge their preparedness based in accordance with the valuation by the supervisor.

Grouping Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation proposal example qualifying as good should consider several aspects such as the number of words, paper formatting, and the annexation of the references plus in-text citations in addition to well-researched content. The simple configuration should have:

An introduction being the most basic and important section that offers the readers with an opportunity to understand the issue that the paper seeks to address as well as the goals and objectives established by the writer (the researcher). The introduction is also characterized by background information about the research in addition to research questions, the scope of the study, justification of the study, and foreseen limiting factors that may slow or hinder the advancement of the research and how the researcher intends to overcome such limitations.

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An example of an Introduction in a Dissertation Proposal Outline

Chapter one of this study looks at the background of the study, the problem of statement, purpose of the study, the objective of the study, research questions, justification of the study, significance of the study, assumption of the study, the scope of the study, limitation and delimitation, definition of key terms used and the entire chapter summary.

Research/ Study Background: An Example

  • Institutions are faced with challenges that affect their operations either directly or indirectly.

  • Need for effective ways to deal with communication challenges whenever they arise

  • Crises occur at various levels in an institution and businesses because of factors that may be internal or external.

  • A crisis can be is a precise, event(s) that is unexpected contributing to high uncertainty heights within institutions, therefore, threatening their prioritized goals.

  • Furthermore, scholars define a crisis as being an event causing damage or denting the reputation of and threatening the good face of an institution

  • Crisis communication is as important as any institution's operational culture given that crises are inevitable and can happen unexpectedly any time anywhere.

  • Addressing weak links helps organizations attain organizations wish-image

Statement of the Problem: An Example

This section should elucidate the problem that the researcher is seeking to address.

  • Good communication of a crisis includes communications that not only relieve or eradicate the crisis but also can sometimes bring the organization a more positive reputation than before the crisis (Fearn-Banks, 1996).

  • Learning institution's failure to communicate effectively on matters of crises put them at risk of damaging their reputation hence image when they face a crisis and this study seeks to establish the connection between crisis communication and corporate image.

Purpose of the Study: An Example

The purpose of this study will be to establish the role of crisis communication in restoring the institutional image of X University as it explores various communication strategies related to crises that are practiced or not practiced by the institutions.

Study Objectives

  1. To establish the significance of communication during Pre-Crisis in achieving the wish image of X College.

  2. To establish the impact of crisis communication during Crisis on the Current Image of X College.

  3. To determine the role of Post-Crisis communication in the restoration of Corporate Image of X College.

Research Questions

  1. What is the significance of communication during pre-crisis in achieving the wish image of X College?

  2. How does crisis communication change the public's perception of the current image of X College?

  3. What is the role of post-crisis communication in restoring the corporate image of X College?

This can go all the way to the definition of key terms used and a concluding statement of the episode.

Second episode of a dissertation proposal template contains a theoretical framework and the literature review. The following are examples of the two.

Theoretical Framework and Literature Review Examples

Attribution Theory will be used to Expound on the Study Subject as Theorized by other Researchers

This theory according to Weiner (2010) expresses that there are causes of perceived victory and disappointment for oneself and other people. The focus of the theory lies along the antecedents of underlying views and their penalties. According to Weiner (2010), humans are inquisitive species who tries to establish the reason behind certain occurrences after which they form religions, philosophies, and sciences as ways of answering such questions. Our lives, culture, society, and interpersonal relations are influenced greatly by such curiosity. In essence, this theory postulates that in the process of asking questions and establishing why certain things occur, we are able to figure out human activities.

Review of the Literature

Dissertation proposal writing requires that section of reviewed literature, in brief, be provided. The chapter is characterized by research done on different authors in their respective books which are relevant to the study, the academic journals and other relevant documents. The content should be cited for credibility purposes. The structure of this part should be such that it has an introduction to a body and a conclusion. An example of a short cited literature review

Communication serves as the foundation upon which all human relations are based and it is therefore important that a solid knowledge of communication and good communication skills be put into practice to help address grievances, customer relations and events related to fundraising and so on (Wood,2004).

Chapter three of the Sample of Dissertation Proposal should contain the various methods that the researcher intends to apply as he or she ensures that the suggested methods will yield some results that are aligned to the goals set as well as being convenient. For example

The research will involve a descriptive method and will be conducted through a survey which is defined as a quantitative method where questions which are predetermined are posed to individuals, a sampled group or the entire group. The researcher will use the survey because of the method's usefulness at describing or explaining features of a very large group or groups which are synonymous with X University.

The last page of the Dissertation Proposal Example must have the reference page which respects the university's adopted writing method. If it is APA, then the reference could be as provided in the example below.

Coombs, W. (2010). Pursuing evidence-based crisis communication: The handbook of crisis communication: 719-725. Malden, MA: Blackwell.


Just as earlier stated the process of ‘how to write dissertation proposal' is not only rigorous but also demanding of the student to engage research work and consultations if they want to get the best and give out the best dissertation paper. There is no short cut to this process because it is research before the main research and it entails creating a dissertation proposal that is not only organized but one that respects all the basic procedures.

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