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Descriptive Essay Topics

Whether at school or home or our workplaces, we still write either assignments, reports, or letters whose contents are explaining a scenario, place or about some event or people. We may recall an incident in our life worth telling people about or a good story worth narrating. Our goal, in this case, is creating a shared feeling between our readers and us. For writing a descriptive essay, we may need learning some tricks or tips either from our professors or our experiences. This is writing that you can put your best points on because as compared to other writings, it is fascinating and easy to handle.

The fact that writing this type of paper may be easy does not mean that a student will never have challenges when asked to write this paper. In other words, if you are not sure about this type of writing and you would want to produce an excellent descriptive paper about a person of place, then you can seek essay writing services that are available online.

What is a Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is a type of writing style that expresses these feelings of a writer about a place, a person, an object, or a memory. These descriptive essays are written for helping reader understanding all writer's feelings and how such emotions affect his life. Therefore, expressive writing strives for describing situations extensively without leaving out that key information.

Descriptive Essay versus Simple Descriptions

When we talk about a descriptive essay, we look at how we express our experiences or feelings or audience in writing so that they can be on that same wavelength as us. A simple description is about a brief explanation of something to a reader so that they can get to know what it is without necessarily factoring in these feelings. In other words, descriptive essays try establishing a connection and not just informing the reader. This writing is based on writer's thoughts and ideas, and not based on some form of research, or third party, or second party opinion. What we write in this type of essay, is about what we feel, why such feelings are unique for us. We transport a scene to this audience, albeit through writing.

That structure of a descriptive essay is about five paragraphs, unlike a simple description which could be a sentence or two, making it very short as compared to an article. When we are penning a document of this nature, we need to make its introduction very simple and straight to this point without confusing the readers with information that is unnecessary. A descriptive essay about a person or place is anchored on imagination. This implies that this essay is sensory and requires writer to think outside an ordinary quota and come up with unique describable facts. When writing an article, we organize it in three tiers that is an introduction, body, and conclusion.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

A critical note for considering in this case is variation between descriptive writing and other ordinary essays. Even though, article shares a common structure, some aspects, especially for descriptive essays, vary significantly from the rest. In this case, descriptive does not rely on other research or opinion, but it's more personal and imaginative, unlike other essays. Always, that key consideration before the commencement of writing is the topic. Although it is still possible to have quite several descriptive essay topics, the one that we select should be well substantiated in the essay with points and thesis statement to enable readers in understanding this topic vividly. Let's look at a breakdown of segments of a descriptive essay, as discussed earlier:


When writing introduction, it is imperative to factor in a context or a background to give readers an idea of the article in addition to putting things into proper perspective. This setting is also a means by which the reader is guided into content of article. It serves as a flashback of things the reader needs to know before delving deeper into piece. That introduction must also contain catchy words for it to draw that attention of reader into article; otherwise, essay may not gain much-needed attention. Furthermore, introduction to our Descriptive essay about a place should not fail to have a thesis statement so that we can state our position about the topic of discussion. Connect all sections of introduction with good transitions.

The Body

The body should entail substantial information that will give the reader more information about the topic in addition to having clear sentences and points that support the thesis statement as written. There are three paragraphs for this section, and they should each have a unique idea that they present. Do not put all the ideas in one paragraph but try as much as possible to have them well spread out using the three paragraphs. More so, there is a need to tie up the paragraphs using transitions for coherency and logical flow. Do not forget that an excellent descriptive essay must have flawless content.


We have to let readers appreciate that work we have done, and by doing so, they need not strain as they try locating the end. So, conclusion is, therefore, essential because it summarizes all points, supporting descriptive essay topic in brief and letting readers know why it was essential to read this article. Among these considerations that need to be taken to account include restatement of thesis statement and usage of attention-catching statements to ensure that just as it began so, it will end. In other words, when we start with a bang, we must also end with a bang.

Descriptive essays are not too limiting when it comes to creative use of our imagination, and for that reason, we can always start with general descriptions. We may borrow ideas from list below:

  1. Great locations we want talk about
  2. The people who influence us in one way or the other
  3. The magnificent animals in the park
  4. How people behave
  5. Places we have been to or wish to visit

Pre-Writing Stage

Before we write an article, it is essential, thinking critically about descriptive essay topics and draw a good one from list to help us organize the thought. It is also necessary to have a theme for subject of discussion which can, of course, be inspired by descriptive articles written by others. Once again, it is imperative to note that uniqueness is key and sure way of ensuring that this essay does not become just an ordinary one.

Creating the First draft of the Descriptive Essay

The work of an outline which in this case we can refer to as our draft is to give us an idea about the final document that we will produce. That framework is a visual representation of descriptive essay, and for that reason, it should contain all vital information that we want to put in our final paper. All contents of draft are included in the final article but with more explanations. We are reminded that thesis statement should not be forgotten and we need picking up to three sentences that will support it in the draft so that we do not run that risk of writing a questionable document.

Equally, we can enrich this article by adding more details from sources such as online dictionaries and books that we think are important in helping us tell story well.

Quite many times, we are worried about outcome of our essay, especially when we are deficient in vocabularies to add to our work. A truth is we need not worry that much but instead fill our article with all these ideas that we generate, all our imaginations and all our thoughts.

It is also possible to have an excellent paper by subjecting it to online grammar checkers such as EduBirdie where you upload it for software to detect error which you can later correct following the prompt.

Edit the Descriptive Essay

Remember to present a paper that has been well edited and checked for grammar, spelling, and typographic errors. The best way to edit our article is to have a long, long break before we begin this process. Consider invitations from your friends and honor them as long as you have sufficient time before handing in descriptive essay. It is imperative to have a look at the paper when you have a fresh mind, and you have stayed away from paper for a while. Avoid trusting so much the online grammar checkers because they may fail to highlight some mistakes, and that is why you can also involve others to check that paper for you. Given that our purpose is to travel with reader, it is essential to check and check again for sentences that are not making sense and rewrite them if need be to make them convey that information that we are trying to pass across.

Descriptive Essay about a Place: Topics

  1. The Best Restaurant I Have Visited
  2. The House I Would Like To Build When I Become Wealthy
  3. One Day Will Visit China To Experience Their Culture
  4. Description Of The Homestead That Will Be Inhabited By Man In Space
  5. Tiny Markets That Are Supplying My Village With Fresh Vegetables
  6. Life Behind The Serene Waters Near A Mountain
  7. If I Was To Be Alone In Some Place Far Away From My Home

Descriptive Essay About a Person: Topics

  1. The Only Uncle I Have
  2. My Best Friend Is My Sister
  3. If I Had A Chance To Meet The President Of The United States Of America
  4. What I Like About My Friend Who Happens To Be My Classmate

Descriptive Essay About Memories: Topics

  1. Something That Has Never Escaped My Mind
  2. The Holiday I Will Always Remember
  3. A Concert That Was Attended With Over 30,000 People
  4. The Day We Traveled With My Brother To Africa
  5. The Moment We Had A Family Meeting
  6. When I Finally Got To Meet A Friend We Have Been Chatting With Online
  7. When I Sat with President on The Same Table And Shared A Meal
  8. The Happiest Moments Of My Life
  9. My Sad Memories
  10. This Was My Perfect Date
  11. When I Got Scared
  12. The Most Exciting Moments In My
  13. This Made Me Excited
  14. When The Least Expected Hade To Happen In My Life
  15. I Miss The Best Friend I Have Ever Had
  16. The Dilemma That It Was When I Had To Decide To Go Back To School
  17. The Day Got Really Embarrassed
  18. How I Rode A Horse For The First Time

Descriptive Essay about Objects: Topics

  1. The Home Furniture That Helps Me Relax
  2. My Favorite Tattoo
  3. I Never Leave My House Without This
  4. A Toy I Still Play With
  5. My First Car
  6. I Collect These Things


The reason why we write a descriptive essay is to an event that looks as real as possible in the mind of reader through creative weaving of thoughts in our mind. Equally, descriptive essay should not be detached from us as its creator because the best way that we can air our emotion and transfer it to reader is through descriptive writing. If you are stuck and unable to begin writing essay because you don't have a topic, then you can always visit these online topic generators. Also, remember that a topic is a foundation for completing that task of writing any document, and for that reason, you have to choose one wisely.

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